Curve of the Earth (and other effects) in 'Summit Shots' post

In a project this week with Sea to Summit, we asked readers to submit photos of their most memorable summits. We were impressed by all of the epic places you’ve been! Here are a few of the shots that stood out…

 Gooseberry Mesa, Utah. - Greg Maino.jpg

“Wow… you can see the curve of the earth from up here!” Gooseberry Mesa, Utah. – Greg Maino

“Stair Way To Heaven”, on Oahu, Hawaii. - Tom Wahl.jpg

Tom Wahl on top of Stairway to Heaven in Oahu, Hawaii

Lily Leung - Early morning ascent in Colombian Andes - El Cocuy.jpg

Lily Leung on an ascent on El Cocuy in the Colombian Andes

John Oles - Looking out on Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island.jpg

Looking out at dusk on the summit of Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island, the highest point in the San Juan Islands. Photo by John Oles

Jonathan Lee - (Johnny Gravel) Angels Landing.jpg

Jonathan Lee captured this image of his friend, Johnny Gravel, looking out on top of Angels Landing in Utah

Lonnie Cassidy and Chris Herron - Topatopa Bluff in Ojai, CA.jpg

Lonnie Cassidy and Chris Herron on top of Topatopa Bluff in Ojai, California

Ben Corwin - Embracing the way back down.jpg

“Often it isn’t the summits we remember. . . We remember the trips down, the first turns off the top, the higher summits we skinned up, the bushwhacks ending in a view of the objective.” – Ben Corwin

Above the cloubs climbing Mt. Fuji - Nik Cline.jpg

Nik Cline above the clouds while climbing Mt. Fuji

15,000 ft over Lake Taupo - Christina Eland.jpg

Christina Eland 15,000 feet over Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Taking stock on Chimborazo - Wayne Hatton.jpg

“Taking stock on Chimborazo, always more tense on the way down!” – Wayne Hatton

James Ireland - Algonquin Peak Adirondacks.jpg

James Ireland taking a rest on top of Algonquin Peak in the Adirondacks

Nick Arch - Mt. Fuji sunrise .jpg

“Last summer, I traveled to Japan and took part in the Japanese tradition of climbing Mt. Fuji overnight in order to summit for go-raiko (sunrise).” – Nick Arch

Rocky Mtn. Ntl. Park - Craig Watrous.jpg

Craig Watrous taking it all in at Rocky Mountain National Park

Panorama Lake District - Carl Ward.jpg

“The string of summits my family and I covered over a day, in the Lake District (UK). We climbed Yoke, Ill Bell, then Thornthwaite Crag, seen as left to right. We then continued the extended horse shoe back to base. . .Nothing like a long hike to bring a family together!” – Carl Ward

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