$800 Fishing Waders

Before today, I had no idea that $800 fishing waders were in the realm of the possible.

But Simms Fishing Products of Bozeman, Mont., can get you just that. To boot, the $800 waders are one-of-a-kind, design-your-own custom river walkers, letting you pick and match features like a felt or lug sole; a patch that Velcros on and off for flies; a retractor that holds fishing tools; a compartment to keep spoils of tippet (fishing line); and a hand-warmer pocket.

The $800 price tag is achieved via the customization of Simms’ premium G4 Guide Stockingfoots waders, which are new this season and include a five-layer Gore-Tex fabric shell. They offer, according to the company, “unprecedented durability and comfort.” The G4 Guide’s base price is $699.95.

Other, less-pricey custom Simms waders start at $199.95.

The design-your-own program is offered with any of the following Simms wader models: G4 Guide, G3 Guide, Guide, RiverTek, L2, Freestone, Women’s G3 and Women’s Freestone.

Posted by Rocky Thompson - 03/28/2007 08:37 PM

If I had $800 for a fishing product, I think I would buy a boat.

Posted by fishgear - 07/13/2010 07:44 AM

One of the first things you need to consider when buying waders is the type of boot they have. It’s best to choose a design that provides plenty of support for your ankles. The soles should also be pretty stiff.

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