A Friendly Competition, The Gear Junkie vs. The World's 2nd Fittest Man

Part one of the Ultimate Mountain Challenge http://www.tevamountaingames.com/ev_tumc.cfm is complete and Stephen Regenold has completed the Bud Light Lime Class II Down River Sprint. The winner of the Ultimate Mountain Challenge must have the lowest combined time through all four events.

Roy and Gear Junkie.jpg

Regenold (left) and Wallack in Vail

Earlier this week some friendly small talk turned into a fun challenge between Regenold and Roy Wallack, a columnist for the LA Times and author of “Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100.” While there is no word on the stakes for this competition it is safe to say the loser will be constantly, and publicly, reminded of the outcome.

Stay tuned to our site for updates on this competition and the entire Teva Mountain Games.

— Pat Petschel

Update at 11pm, June 6: Regenold 2, Wallack 0.

Update at 9pm, June 7: The final score is Gear Junkie, 4 wins; World’s Second Fittest Man, 0 wins. But Roy kicked some butt. He is more than 20 years the Gear Junkie’s senior, but in each event was a serious competitor. Looks like GJ took 5th place overall in the UMC in the amateur division. Wallack got 12th place in the event. Good race, men.