Aether High-end Outerwear

Two film producers discovered a hole in the outerwear market and decided to fill it. Palmer West and Jonah Smith, who’ve produced movies like Requiem for a Dream and The Clearing, founded Aether, a company focused on technical outwear mixed with sophistication.

The new company, launched in January 2009, is a high-end outerwear company that has jackets for as much as $795. Its target audience: People who want high fashion and high function and aren’t afraid to pay for it.

Aether Alto.jpg

Aether Alto jacket

Each jacket has a good mix of technical features – such as wind and water resistant fabric, breathability and UV protection – and urban-inspired styling. The company also has a handful of not-so-technical polos, hoodies and button-up shirts.

The full Aether line is currently available for between $75 and $165 for shirts and between $300 and $795 for outerwear.

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Robin - 02/16/2010 04:31 PM

“aren’t afraid to pay for it” (?) or stupid enough to pay for it?

Posted by jpea - 02/17/2010 07:52 AM

depends I suppose. I have a jacket that was around $650 and I wear it all the time. Totally worth it from year to year.

Posted by DoubleB - 02/25/2010 12:33 PM

This is what’s wrong with the industry…

If you’ve had a chance to see behind closed doors how much this stuff cost to make… and how the manufacturing is sourced… It will blow your mind.

Yeah, marketing and R&D cost money… but do not be fooled or naive about the high cost, it is inflated and meant to boost somebody’s ego (the buyer and/or the manufacturer “hey look at me”).

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