Ahnu Footwear

Keen Footwear exploded onto the market five years ago, selling millions of its innovative toe-bumper-equipped sandals in its first year of business. Now, Jim Van Dine, the former president of Keen, has formed a new footwear company he believes will garner similar response.

Ahnu Footwear (www.ahnufootwear.com) is, for the time being, a small operation in San Francisco, staffed by a core set of former top designers with Keen.

Its first shoes debut this summer. The shoes have a modern aesthetic + are made to perform by blending “the support of a hiker, the stability of a skate shoe, the fit of a runner, and the go-anywhere versatility of a sandal.”

See the sneak peek images below.

Posted by Martin Keen - 04/02/2007 08:12 AM

No “former Keen footwear designers” work for Ahnu… only salesmen and marketeers.

Buy only original Keens!

Posted by Clive - 04/02/2007 09:53 PM

From the man himself!

Posted by Judy - 06/26/2008 04:47 PM

Love, love, love my shoes. I have keens, but this shoe I bought on the spur of the moment before a trip to Ireland and it is my hands down favorite. The most comfortable walking shoe ever. Mine are the Mary Jane look and I walked miles in them.

Posted by Evelyn Hanks - 05/20/2009 07:27 AM

I cannot connect with your retail store directory.

Posted by bill doctor - 03/22/2011 02:33 PM

hey, van dine how am i supposed to by your shoe if ican’t find’em

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