Alleghenies Adventure: Report 3

Day No. 3 of the “Choose-Your-Alleghenies-Adventure” trip involved a full day of mountain biking on the Allegrippis Trail System, a new singletrack mecca in the hills overlooking Raystown Lake near Huntingdon, Pa. It was just months ago that Evan Gross participated in the grand opening of this 32-mile trail network. Today, Gross, who works for Rothrock Outfitters, was our guide for a grand tour of the trail.

We filled water bottles, switched pedals around at the trailhead and then clipped into our bikes, including a Surly single-speed Karate Monkey, Salsa’s El Mariachi, and Scott and Haro rigs. Autumn trees framed a trail snaking ahead into the woods.

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 1.jpg

Andy Wright (in front) and Todd Lepley on the Allegrippis Trail

For the next few hours, including more than 20 miles of singletrack covered, the crew swooped on the Allegrippis Trail System’s endless rolling terrain. Some trails, dubbed rollercoasters, seem to trick gravity, hardly necessitating any pedaling or braking at all. The rises and dips — which were built by machine and hand labor to IMBA standards — keep riders coursing along at a steady speed where little effort is required, sometimes for a mile or more at a time.

Long climbs above Raystown Lake, a clear-water reservoir, ended atop flat bluffs with epic views. Autumn trees, rock-cuts, islands, and lake water stretched like a painting below.

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 2.jpg

Wright at a high overlook above Raystown Lake

But the day was not without misadventure. A flat tire, a broken chain, and one over-the-handlebars biff wrapped up a long day on the trail. The crew finished in the day’s last light, the sun fading over Raystown Lake and shining golden through trees as the group pedaled and climbed — and swooped on the coasters — until the end. A few photos from the day below.

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 3.jpg

Swooping trails on the Allegrippis necessitate a warning sign

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 4.jpg

Guide Evan Gross at the trailhead

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 5.jpg

Rothrock Outfitters’ grease-powered SUV

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 6.jpg

Wright above Raystown Lake

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 7.jpg

Regenold at a break midday on the trail

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 8.jpg

Pam Wright on the trail over Raystown Lake

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 9.jpg

Evan Gross changes a flat tire

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 10.jpg

Trail map to the extensive Allegrippis Trail System

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 11.jpg

Gross fixes a broken chain

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 13.jpg

Typical stretch of the trail

Allegrippis Mountain Biking 12.jpg

Mission Accomplished! Andy Wright hoists his bike at the end of the trail