Alleghenies Trivia Contest (Part Five), We Have Winners

Thanks to everyone that responded! The correct answer is. . . The Alleghenies hosted the 1992 Olympic Trials in Cycling.

Congratulations go to Christopher Davenport of Colorado for winning the Lazer helmet, Jessica Stuart of New York (Julbo sunglasses) and Brad Knapp of Wisconsin (Wool Buff).

Remember to sign up for the new Adventure Sweepstakes ( And be sure to check back on Sunday this week for the next installment of our Trivia contest. We have Vasque Trail Running shoes, some Kelty gear, and a number of other prizes lined up.

Lazer O2.jpg

Lazer O2

The Lazer O2 is a cycling helmet designed to protect and give you energy to perform with a combination of comfort and good ventilation.

Julbo Trail.jpg

Julbo Trail

As the first Julbo sunglasses designed for trail running, the Trail is lightweight with flexible frames, a wrap design for optimal hold, wide vision spectrum, and soft, ventilated “Zebra” lenses.

Buff Headwear 3.jpg

The Buff

Wool provides unbeatable insulation even when wet, and Merino Wool, with finer and more numerous fibers, efficiently traps air for moisture management. The Wool Buff can be worn in 12 different ways, with the most popular styles including: headband, neck gaiter, and beanie.