Alleghenies Adventure: Day 1

Autumn is in full “bloom” in the Alleghenies! Day one of the Choose-Your-Adventure Sweepstakes featured a tour of State College, Pa., a neat college town, before an afternoon hike on Tussey Mountain, where moss, ferns, and waxy-leaf mountain laurels framed a rocky trail leading to a ridgeline. Winners Andy and Pam Wright of Hudson, Wis., along with Stephen Regenold of, followed local Appalachian Outdoors guides from a trailhead under gray clouds toward the miles-long horizontal summit ridge of Tussey Mountain. On top, the sun came out. Views dropped left and right as the crew hiked the knife-edge for the afternoon. A few photos from the day below.

Tussey Mountain Hike 1.jpg

Rocks, moss, and autumn leaves made for a sublime hike on Tussey Mountain

Tussey Mountain Hike 5.jpg

Jean-Luc Serriere, one of the guides from Appalachian Outdoors

Tussey Mountain Hike 3.jpg

Pam Wright leads on the ridgeline

Tussey Mountain Hike 2.jpg

Picking our route on the spine of Tussey Mountain

Tussey Mountain Hike 6.jpg

Andy Wright at an overlook; State College, Pa., far below

Tussey Mountain Hike 4.jpg

Stephen Regenold, Pam and Andy Wright

Tussey Mountain Hike 8.jpg

Jean-Luc Serriere in a tunnel of waxy leaves; whitewater stream in background

Tussey Mountain Hike 9.jpg

Pam and Andy Wright

Tussey Mountain Hike 7.jpg

Forest Boundary, back near the trailhead and the car

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow the “Choose-Your-Alleghenies-Adventure” trip goes fly-fishing with the Spruce Creek Fly Co.!