Art+Bikes. New Film Explores ARTCRANK Show

We ran the teaser last week.

Now, fresh off its premiere last Thursday night, here is the full video on ARTCRANK, a touring “poster party for bike people” that was created in Minneapolis in 2007.

Like the Almanzo 100 film we debuted recently, ARTCRANK was produced by the creative film agency Royal Antler, and it has a special place with us at GearJunkie.

Head cameraman on the ARTCRANK shoot, T.C. Worley, is an editor with GearJunkie, a photographer, and a partner in Royal Antler. And we’ve known and written about ARTCRANK founder Charles Youel for years. This short film does a great job encapsulating the show experience from Youel’s view as well as through the eyes of the artists who make it happen. —Stephen Regenold

—GearJunkie covered Artcrank in the post ARTCRANK Bike Posters” in 2010.