Athlete Interview: Adam Craig

A resident of Bend, Ore., Adam Craig, age 27, has collected 12 national championship titles in various disciplines of bike racing, including the 2007 and 2008 Elite U.S. National Cross Country crowns. He was a team rider for the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At the Teva Mountain Games, Craig will be racing in the SoBe X-Country Mountain Bike competition, on Saturday, June 6.

GJ: What events are you most looking forward to at the Teva Games?
Adam Craig: I’m currently registered for the SoBe XC MTB race. I’m fired up to race on some proper Vail singletrack for that event. I might end up in a kayak competition as well, if Lizzy English and I end up driving out there with our boats so she can race the Downriver Extreme on Homestake Creek and 8-Ball.

GJ: Beyond your regular training, how do you prepare for a race like the SoBe X-Country?
You’ll be able to find me down by Gore Creek the evening before the race soaking my legs in the cold water. Flushes out the muscles. And it freshens the mind. I usually warm up from that with some tacos or whatever looks hot and meaty for dinner.

Adam Craig Mountain Biker.jpg

GJ: How is the Teva Games unique from other festivals/competitions in which you participate?
We’re normally at mountain bike dominated events such as the World Cup Series, which is great. On the other hand, it’s going to be great to expose our sport to those who participate in other sports, in addition to learning some new ways to pass the time ourselves. It sounds like a fun atmosphere.

GJ: What bike will you be on in the SoBe X-Country?
I’ll be riding a prototype Giant Anthem X Advanced SL. It’s light, stiff and so much FUN to ride.

GJ: What is some of your other favorite gear for the race?
I’ll have all of my possible contact points with the surrounding terrain (eyes, hands, head) covered by Giro. The company’s new eyewear and glove lines are solid product. Honey Stinger gels will keep my glycogen and caffeine stores up throughout the race, very important. I’m pretty stoked on the 1.5-inch tapered steerer tube on my Fox F100RLC suspension fork. It’s compatible with my new Giant bike and makes the front end so much stiffer when late braking for switchbacks. Shimano’s new SH-M310 shoes are working out great and saving a fair bit of weight to carry up the hills around the Vail Valley.

Adam Craig Mountain Biker In Action.jpg

GJ: Have you biked a lot in the Vail area? Any favorite trails or areas?
I raced the Worlds in Vail in 2001. I remember that race course being absolutely rad. Multiple loops of super fun trails is why we race bikes. I assume there’s more of the same in those hills.

GJ: What makes Vail and that part of the country unique from a mountain
biker’s perspective?

Everyone in the Vail Valley lives there because they absolutely embrace the outdoors. Seems like a perfect place for the Teva Mountain Games. Support that recreational ADD [attention-deficit disorder].

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