Athlete Interview: Eric Jackson

Owner and cofounder of his namesake Jackson Kayaks, Eric Jackson, a resident of Rock Island, Tenn., is an Olympian and a multiple times kayaking world champion.

GJ: What events will you compete in at the Teva Mountain Games?
I’ll be in the kayaking events, Freestyle, Steep Creek, and 8 Ball competitions. I really enjoy all of them, but the Freestyle is awesome with the crowd being so large and close to the water.

Kayaker Eric Jackson - portrait.jpg

GJ: How is the Teva Mountain Games unique from other sports festivals/competitions in which you participate?
Most major kayak competitions aren’t multisport like the Teva Mountain Games. This event has so many great people there, and many sports to watch that assures that when you have a moment to break away from your own events, you can watch other sports. Great organization is always a strong point for this event as well.

GJ: What innovations from Jackson Kayaks will you be unveiling or demonstrating at the Games?
We have several new boats that will be seen for the first time there — the Dynamic Duo, All-Water, and Riviera. A great venue for showcasing new product.

Kayaker Eric Jackson.jpg

GJ: What boats will TMG visitors have the chance to demo?
Star Series, Hero series, Rocker series, Fun series, All-Water, and Dynamic Duo.

GJ: What is your favorite river/creek in the Vail area?
I love running down the Eagle River!

Kayaker Eric Jackson - GROUP SHOT.jpg

GJ: Any anecdotes from past Teva Games you’d like to share?
I was blown away in 2008 when the crowd was standing room only for the freestyle finals, and the feeling that everyone who was watching was enjoying themselves as we were competing. The weather, water, crowd, and feeling were all perfect. It was a great experience.

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