A Bear in Khakis: Grylls models 'Dockers' pants in new Campaign

We have covered his namesake “Ultimate Knife” by Gerber and interviewed him on topics as gritty and core as survivalism and rabbit snares. He is a poster boy for Craghoppers Ltd., a British brand that sells slick outdoors and technical clothing. Now, this week it was announced that Bear Grylls, he of “Man vs. Wild” television fame, is marketing a line of pants perhaps best known for their place in cubicle farms and conference rooms of the American workplace.

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Civilized Bear: Grylls looking sharp in casual pants

Dockers, the self-proclaimed “world’s most authoritative khaki resource,” has a new pants model, the Alpha Khaki. They are a cotton pant marketed as strictly not “cubicle wear.” (They have a slim fit, a heavier weight fabric, and stronger stitching, the company cites.)

Bear got involved in a photo shoot recently in the “wilds” of Manhattan. Dockers had him photographed wearing the pants in Central Park for something it calls the “Wear The Pants” ad campaign. He hiked through grass and balanced on a boulder to model the pants for celebrity lens-man Koto Bolofo.

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A non-khakis day: Grylls gettin’ dirty in the great outdoors

Readers, what’s your take? I am hearing cries of “sellout” already from the ranks. But does it matter that Bear, an outdoorsy dude and a TV star, put on some casual pants for an ad campaign? After all, sports personalities do this all the time. Would you blink if an NBA player or a quarterback from the NFL starred in a Dockers ad?

Hey, the Alpha pants look like fine trousers for tromping in the “wilds” of Manhattan or around your home town. Bear looks good in them, too, a sharp young Brit taking a break from skydiving and eating bugs for a stopover in New York.

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Bear Grylls in khakis.jpg

Look close: Bear is prepared; he’s got paracord on his right wrist

Posted by Nick - 01/17/2012 10:31 AM

I wouldn’t say “sell out” at all. The man still sticks by his faith, family and principles of adventure. My guess is that he will remain the Bear we’ve all come to love no matter home many advertisements he do does.

Posted by Nick fred Behr - 01/18/2012 03:38 PM

I was actually just wondering today why there isn’t (or at least that I know about) a pair a work khakis/dress slacks made by or inspired by outdoor gear companies. Maybe this fits what I’m looking for? Though at the time of this typing I’m wearing a pair of slim fit Dockers and they have the strangest cut/fit just below the waist line in the butt and fly area – not for gentlemen with backpacking rear-ends IMO.

As for Bear the guy will do what he wants and I’ll put my money behind products that will last in the outdoors like the Woodmans Pal and not his “Ulitmate” line of survival gear.

Posted by Dan - 01/19/2012 03:28 PM

These look great on him. I am not always a huge fan of his knives but I might just pick up some dockers – but I’m a bigger boy than ole Bear. Hope they make pants that fit the rest of us.

Posted by whiskers - 02/01/2012 06:41 AM

Calling Bear Grylls a sellout for this ad is pointless – isn’t he doing a lot of ads/endorsements these days and thus pays his bills from this? It’s like calling Victoria’s Secret models sell outs – no, advertisement is what they do.

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