Best Knife Collection Contest

This contest is part of a month-long blitz of knife content and give-aways leading up to The Day of the Knife

Some top-end steel from SOG Knives in the form of a Gunny Folding Knife ($520) and five Trident knives ($114 each) are in need of good homes.

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We’re in search of the best knife collections (volume, variety, unique), and we’re looking to make them even more epic with a major addition from SOG.

How to Enter:

Post a high-quality photo of your knife collection on one or all of the following: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with “#DayOfTheKnife” and “@SOGKnives” and “@TheGearJunke” in the caption.

How to stand apart from the crowd? As always, find a way to get creative!

If your collection is just under way, don’t fret, five of the winners will be picked at random!

Feel free to submit as many times as you’d like. It can’t hurt. Submission deadline is noon CDT on Monday.

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Posted by craig porzondek - 07/25/2013 01:52 PM

I think the next contest is to see how many of us idiots have numerous cuts on their hands!! I’m in the running then!

Posted by Sean P Saunders - 07/25/2013 01:58 PM

Great knifes ..

Posted by Matthew Holloway - 07/26/2013 12:56 PM

Nice Knives my fav is the Trident

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