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After pumping up the tires on my new mountain bike and tweaking the brakes, I set about adding the obligatory and essential accessories. In addition to a water-bottle holder and a rear flashing red light, I added a pack, a toolkit, a pump and a lock to make the bike ready for the road and the trail. Here are the details:

Pedro’s Tool Taco
This mini toolkit includes spoke wrenches, tire levers, a chain tool, a mini hex wrench set and 8, 9 and 10mm wrenches. Everything fits in the included neoprene pouch and stuffs easily into a small pack pocket. Most basic repairs and adjustments — from tire changes to brake alignment — can be performed with this compact tool arsenal. ($37,


REI Small Wedge pack
Made to carry a spare tube, a patch kit and a bike tool — or Pedro’s Tool Taco, as in my case — this small under-the-seat bike pack is solid and unobtrusive when flying down the trail. It attaches with Velcro straps and closes tight with a wrap-around zipper. The pack’s reflective trim, which adds visibility when riding after dark, is a nice touch. ($12,


Blackburn AirStik CF
Blackburn calls its AirStik CF the most state-of-the-art bike pump on the market. It has a lightweight and strong carbon fiber barrel and a nozzle that is compatible with Presta and Schrader tire valves. When pumping, it forces air into the tire on both the push and pull strokes. It weighs just 157 grams. The company says the pump can fill a tire to 160psi at max, which is much more air power than most bikers will ever need. ($40,


Kryptonite New York 3000
This lock has a $3,000 anti-theft guarantee. If a crook can hack through the hardened, 5/8-inch thick steel shackle or pick the disc-style cylinder, Kryptonite will reimburse you the value of your bike. The company says the lock will resist attacks by tools including bolt cutters, saws and hammers. It does weigh almost 4 pounds, but the extra weight is easily forgiven for the extra protection. ($80,

Posted by ahediel - 07/24/2007 05:50 AM

Kryptonite WILL NOT reimburse you for your bike, They only offer to pay your deductable

You need to send them – When you purchase the lock

1) The completed for 15 days after purchase of the lock
2) Bill of Sale
3)Proof of bicycle registartion with the police (if available)

If your bicycle is stolen – you need to do the following

1) Report the theft to police in 72 hours
2) Mail notice of theft to Kryptonite within 7 days of theft
3) Report theft to insurance company
4) send the broken lock to Kryptonite (within 90 days)
5) Send Kryptonite the police report
6) Send Kryptonite evidence that you have reported it to your insurance company.

So many hoops to jump through, and if you don’t have insurance, you don’t get a penny!!!

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