Bike Helmets Do Save Lives!

This one’s from The Goat, via the Capital Times newspaper in Madison, Wis., where 26-year-old Ryan Lipscomb has performed the ultimate gear test of GETTING HIS HEAD RUN OVER BY A TRUCK!

So the story goes, according to the Capital Times, that Ryan Lipscomb, a grad student at UW Madison, was riding his bike at 3 p.m. a couple days ago, and he decided to scoot across a crosswalk, which showed a WALK sign. Rounding the bend, a large delivery truck apparently did not see the biker, and Lipscomb saw that he wasn’t being seen.


Lipscomb slammed on his brakes, crashed, flew over his handlebars, and landed right in the path of the oncoming multi-ton truck, which DID NOT STOP.

The truck then, according to the Captial Times, RAN OVER HIS HEAD!

“I didn’t see it coming, but I sure felt it roll over my head. It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head,” Lipscomb said.

But Lipscomb was wearing a helmet, from Giro to be precise, and that saved his noggin. Amazing. You can even see the tire tread marks on the crushed helmet he’s holding in the image above.

He was taken to University Hospital, but was released by about 6 p.m. “I’m OK except for a concussion,” he said.

Go here for the full story.

Posted by Mark - 05/18/2007 01:48 PM

Thank God I have one of these on the way right now. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, though. That guy’s super lucky. I hope the bastard driving the truck is found. I can’t believe he didn’t stop.

Posted by Peter - 06/16/2009 05:56 PM

Perhaps Ryan just needs to watch where he is riding his bike. For every one case that a helmet saves a life there are a hundred where it served no purpose in a crash. If this is the case, why dont we all just wear helmets for every day activity? =p Helmets do not save lives.

Posted by Justin - 08/06/2009 09:08 AM

I love anecdotal evidence. Utterly useless.

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