Biologic ZorinPump

I saw this a couple weeks back but forgot to blog on it. The Biologic ZorinPump from U.K.-based Dahon Incorporated is essentially a bike seat with a pump hidden inside its post.

This keeps your tire pump always at hand, no need to strap a small pump on the frame of your bike. No need to drop one in a backpack.


You stand while you pump and use the saddle as a handle. It weighs about 100 grams more than a conventional seat post, according to the company. It’s compatible with Schrader and Presta valves.

As the company explains it, after the post is removed from the bicycle, the pump part is accessed by pushing and rotating a lower assembly to release a spring-loaded locking mechanism. Once the pump is attached to the tire, the foot-stand is secured in place, and by taking hold of the saddle, the user pushes up and down to operate the device in exactly the same manner as a regular floor pump.


Go here for a short video of the Biologic ZorinPump in action.

The company’s main gig appears to be a line of funny-looking foldable bikes. Here’s an overview of that area.

Posted by willy - 09/22/2010 11:49 PM

Sorry for the lateness of this question, but can one attach one’s own seat?

Posted by Aaron - 10/03/2012 08:20 PM

Great concept, horrible customer service. I recently purchased this pump in a 31.6×350mm. I was so excited when the product arrived but when I went to place it in my bike I realized the pump did not fit because it measured at 390mm almost 2 inches longer than advertised. I contacted biologic via e-mail(a process which ended up being way more complicated then needed) and notified them of the problem and was informed I could get my money refunded if I sent the pump back and they now considered the matter closed. I was so irritated, not only had they lied about the product now it was up to me to pay return shipping as well. Needless to say I kept writing(a process which took over a month due to no one returning my e-mails) when I was finally directed to someone who might be able to help. I was informed that they would reimburse my original shipping and product cost but I had to pay return shipping(again on a product that was incorrect based on their specs!). Long story short after several more e-mails the best they were able to do was offer me a free reusable shopping bag a 10 dollar value!(yeah, the kind you buy at Wal-Mart for a $1.50) and of course it has TERN across the front of it so not only are they giving me this great bag but now everywhere I go I get to advertise for this great company that has no customer service and lies about their products. I suggested they reimburse the amount of my return shipping, send me an ars tag ID number(auto return shipping) so I’m not out anymore money. I even suggested they send me a different pump for a second bike I own with a return shipping label so I could have one thing that worked, apparently that was too difficult as well. All I received after this point were more messages that “considered the matter closed” a frustrating message I received several times. Needless to say I still have a seatpost pump that wont fit my bike. Do not buy this or any other items!!! If I had this much trouble with a simple return/exchange I’d imagine getting them to stand behind their products even the ones with correct specs would be impossible!

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