Shoelace of the Future? Tour of Boa Technology in Denver

Build a better shoelace and the world will beat a path to your door. That certainly seems to be the case at Boa Technology, the company that more than 10 years ago invented the unique, dial-in closure system ubiquitous on snowboard boots. But Boa has grown like crazy, now featured on more than 130 brand partners and 25 brand categories.

boa dial.jpg

We stopped by the brand’s Denver office to get the inside look at the company, its technology, and meet some of its forward-thinking engineers.

Boa Visit 14.jpg

What’s that? Would you believe a horseshoe? Yep, with Boa closure

The diversity of products using Boa technology is noteworthy. From the well known snowboard boot manufacturers to medical devices to ultra-light running shoes, Boa has earned a foothold in a broad array of products.

Boa Visit 18.jpg

Boa Technology Design Manager Mike Nickel shows off some of the diverse products that use Boa closure systems

Boa Visit 15.jpg

Topo running shoes feature Boa’s twist-to-close system

I wasn’t surprised to see a cutting-edge, split sole design running shoe from Topo Athletic on display, as it had earned a Best In Show award from Gear Junkie earlier this year. What was surprising was to see it displayed next to a horseshoe.

Boa Visit 11.jpg

The Smith Vantage snow helmet features Boa for size adjustment

I had the chance to sit down with Garett Graubins, Director of Marketing, and Mike Nickel, Design Manager, to learn about the technology that is featured on so many products.

They explained that by building low, mid and high power closures, Boa engineers are able to integrate the technology into products as light as a minimal running shoe or as burly as a horseshoe or downhill ski boot.

Boa Visit 9.jpg

The Scarpa Alien Carbon ski mountaineering boot

It will be fun to watch as engineers and product developers continue to integrate the technology in new inventions to come. The current product range is certainly impressive already.

—Sean McCoy

Boa Visit 7.jpg

Celtek gloves use Boa closures to tighten cuffs

Boa Visit 3.jpg

Engineers work magic at Boa Technologies

Boa Visit 1.jpg

What’s an office without an office dog?

Boa Visit 2.jpg

The Boa company bike rack

Posted by wunnspeed - 05/22/2013 12:54 AM

I own three pairs of Specialized S-Works shoes (one road/two mtb), a pair of Lake winter boots and random other things with Boa closures and with only one exception (easily self-repaired… even in Germany), I’ve had fantastic luck with the Boa system. I can’t say that for the ratchets that many other companies use. Long live the Boa!

Posted by Abomb - 05/22/2013 10:26 AM

I had a pair of shoes with BOA system. They don’t work for every foot and can create pressure in the wrong spots. That’s the problem I had with them. Definitely not shoelace of the future.

Posted by Matt - 05/23/2013 08:05 PM

I love them and wish all of my shoes had them. Never had an issue. I wish they were easier to find.

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