Buck/Mayo Kaala knife

This knife, which weighs just 1.9 ounces, looks perfect for backwoods survival situations where you need one always-there knife for potential emergencies. It’s simple and strong like a Mora knife, though probably of higher quality than that famous Swedish commodity blade.

Buck ships the Buck/Mayo Kaala with a molded nylon sheath that holds the knife securely in place and a 30-inch stainless steel chain to carry it around your neck. Or, clench it in your teeth and run blood wild through the jungle, man and tool charging on toward fate.

Made of S30V steel, this durable skeletal knife is 6.75 inches long overall with a 3.1-inch drop-point blade. The 1/8-inch thick blade has been “heat-treated by Paul Bos to a Rockwell hardness of Rc60,” according to Buck press materials. (Knife geeks forgive, but who’s Paul Bos?)

It costs $100.

That’s the down and dirty.