We Discovered the 'Center Of The Outdoors Universe'

We’ve been around the world, to dozens of outdoors competitions, to expos and trade shows… but never before this past weekend, when we attended the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colo., had we seen what just might have been the actual Center Of The Outdoors Universe.

Seriously. The epiphany came when we were sitting atop Gerber Gear’s massive “Black Boar” van during a live broadcast interviewing an athlete.

Double vision! An immense crowd took over the river all weekend at the GoPro Games; photo by Rick Lohre

Less than 50 feet from our setup was a literal vortex of epic outdoors sports taking place in and above the crushing waters of Gore Creek, including kayakers playing in the rapids, SUP boarders paddling downstream, a slack-liner inching over a void, hundreds of spectators, an announcer, music, gear demos, a massive GoPro tent… and so much more, all framed below a blue Colorado sky and snowy Rocky Mountain peaks above.

(See more images from the “center of the universe” on page 2 of this post.)

GoPro Games 5.jpg

High-lining and kayak freestyle co-existing, to the delight of the crowd

We were floored. We’d obtained a Nirvana of sorts there in the vortex, humming with good vibes at the Center Of The Outdoors Universe, happy to be there and no where else.

Check out our video on the Outdoor Center of the Universe. And here below are a few more shots from the scene. —Patrick Murphy

Near the “outdoor center of the universe” — floating yoga; photo by Rick Lohre

Dog heaven; photo by Rick Lohre

GoPro Games 1.jpg

One of many athlete interviews from atop the Gerber van

Snapshots from the Vail Village scene; photos by Rick Lohre

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Posted by Mike - 06/14/2013 08:28 AM

Great article. Anyone living in the Southeast should check out the US National Whitewater in Charlotte. It has a great atmosphere like you discuss in your article. Festival weekends are amazing there and the culture of their employees makes it a top notch place to go play as a child or adult. Plus they serve dank craft beer :-)

Posted by TODD COPLEY - 06/17/2013 07:10 AM

Sorry to dispute, Stephen. Vail is nice but Center of Outdoors Universe? Not even close. Where’s the Class V? Where’s the lake? Where’s the tough mountain biking? We’d love to have you come do a spin through Deep Creek Lake, MD. Hosting the whitewater World Championships next year. Home to the hardest stretch of road of Race Across America. Adventure Sports Center International, worlds only mountaintop recirculating whitewater course, The Yough Class V, Savage River, Adventure Sports Institute, Center for Adventure and Experiential Learning, Savageman, U.S.‘s toughest triathlon, ect…. Ragnar Relay, Gran Fondo Bike Race, UCI Wisp MTB Challenge, USA Cycling’s Mountain Massacree stage race, Mid Atlantic Stand Up Paddle Championships, 24hours of Canaan, Ohiopyle Adventure Racing, More ski resorts in a 75 mile radius than anywhere in the U.S. (except Summit County)…. We’re the true epicenter of adventure sports…. !!

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