‘Your Knife Type’ Contest Winners

With more than 1,500 entrants to our “What’s Your Knife Type” contest from across the globe, it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of knife junkies out there! We’d like to thank you for your submissions — great stuff! For those of you who didn’t win this time, fear not! There are many, many more knives up for grabs before August 8th, our official “Day of the Knife!”

The selection process was a beast, but after several hours of deliberations, we have our winners. Among the ten winners of the Steady multi-tool from Gerber are stories of heroism, humor, and a daughter named after a knife! Congrats to the winners, and for everyone else, stay tuned as we roll out more “Day of the Knife” contests throughout the month. —Patrick Murphy

gerber steady tool.jpg

The prize! Steady multi-tool from Gerber

Zak from Pennsylvania: I like the #7, the pocketknife. My grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather all carried them into combat from the Civil War to Korea and back home. Versatile, quick to use and durable. Whether it was slicing saltpork around Petersburg, VA, or opening C-Rations in the Pacific, whittling prisoner art in a German prison camp during WWI or trimming marshmallow stakes for us grandkids back home it was ALWAYS there. . . ALWAYS! With my grandfather it was kept in his front left pants pocket; the body, a brown crisscross wood with a dark patina of long use and an extremely sharp blade. Today, I still have all three heirlooms that I hope to pass down to MY kids and I hope they remember what those little knives did and accomplished in those long days and lonely nights past.

Amanda McCoy from Alabama: I prefer the multi-tool. Why? Because I am not only a woman, but a mother! I can whip out a knife on the spot when I need to open a new toy we spoil our three little boys with, or a screwdriver at the same time when I need to put new batteries in it. It’s a handy little gadget with all the tools possibly needed for around the house or wherever else we may be venturing. Plus, its something small enough I can keep in my purse! I need me one of these.

Moises Leon from Mexico: Depende de la ocasion, pero el mejor seria el Survival! Debido a que tiene todo para sobrevivir, desde la sierra hasta el pedernal, un martillo y sobre todo protección, sin mencionar q el agarre q tiene es hermoso, siempre q salgo de campamento es mi copiloto! [Translation: Depends on the occasion, but the best would be the Survival! Because it has everything to survive, from the highlands to the flint, a hammer and above all protection–not to mention the grip is beautiful. I always leave camp with my copilot!]

knife type photos.jpg

Matt from Australia: Survival. I don’t want to use the common stereotypes about Australia, but where I live, I’m a short drive to the snow, and the south coast, both of which can be wild, unpredictable and beautiful, but sometimes dangerous places. This knife would be PERFECT for these conditions – my life; from my Snowy Mountains back-country ski trips, and the firewood collection (and starting), gear repairs, and multiple campsite uses, to the treks I take along the wild coast, with the seafood collection, trail and campsite clearing, and reassurance of having a sturdy fixed blade to use for both everyday tasks and dependable on in an emergency. The survival knife is the winner in my books, hands down!! (I don’t even need to mention the dangerous snakes, dingoes, brumbies, birds, spiders, sharks…yes sharks, and other creatures which would think twice about approaching me knowing i held such a fantastic survival tool. . .)

Thomas Hinderman: Personally, I like the assisted opener the best. A pocket style knife is one that you are most likely to have on you, should an emergency arise. A survival knife is great, but it does you no good if it’s stuffed in a backpack sitting in the garage. If you only think you’ll be going out for an hour in the woods, you’re not likely to strap on a large fixed blade before you hit the trail. But you would likely have a good stout folder in your pocket. And one that opens quickly one-handed is obviously a great advantage. Never mind the woods, what if you come upon a car crash and need to cut a seatbelt? Would you whip out a machete to do the job or fumble with a multi-tool? No. Just reach into your pocket, flick the knife open, and you’re in business. They also excel as a defense tool. The sight of a knife flicking open can be very intimidating. A throwing knife..? Not so much. “Excuse me while I walk back to 15 feet..” The assisted opener is extremely versatile and excels in almost every aspect of what a knife is supposed to do. Cut.

Mac from Florida: I have always been fond of the Swiss Army pocketknife. When I was in the service there wasn’t anything I couldn’t fix with a Swiss Army and Leatherman. Now I’ve switched to the Swiss Tool. In fact, I named my daughter after the company that makes Swiss Army (one of them anyway), Victoria. Every year for Christmas she gets a new, different Swiss Army knife. She said one time “I love how you get me something dangerous for Christmas every year.”

Austin Rennie: My favorite is absolutely the multi-tool. Not only does it have a knife and pliers, but it also can have the tools needed for nearly any job. Like my father used to tell me, if it can’t be fixed with duct tape, lubricant, or a multi-tool… buy a new one. That saying has never failed me.

Joshua Gingery from Iowa: I prefer the Machete for the simple reason that it is the only knife listed here that I can protect myself against a bear. It isn’t that I am often attacked by bear, I just always like to be prepared. If I were to whip out a multi-tool during a bear attack, I think that the bear would just laugh. Everybody knows that it is an anthropomorphic misinterpretation that when a bear smiles when he is happy. That really means he is about to eat your pants. A throwing knife would only further anger the bear. A dagger would most likely just incur a glancing blow as bear are phenomenal at making you miss with a dagger at the last second. A Swiss Army knife would just be ridiculous as everybody knows that bear do not have political or governmental affiliations. The only thing that would maybe come in useful as a backup knife would be the Bowie knife.

Stephen from California: It has to be a pocketknife — or a penknife as I knew it growing up. It is probably the first knife anyone commenting on here owned and it is still the most practical on this list. A dagger or a throwing knife? Yeah those are great, but most of us don’t live in an action movie. A bowie– I don’t live in a western either. A machete, next time I go roaming into the South American jungle, I’ll pick one up. Assisted opening, when I’m in an assisted living facility I’ll give you a call. Clip folder, sounds like something I used to keep my notes in at school. Survival, if I had the forethought to bring one with me, I should’ve been able to see the trouble coming and avoided it. Multi-tool, yes you are an awesome tool-box in my pocket, but you also weigh as much as a tool box and are only slightly smaller than one. Swiss Army I could almost fall for your Alpine charms, but you need to lay off the hot coco and lose some weight too. Pocket knife, it has to be you, it’s always been you.

John from Massachusetts: Survival all the way… When I was 12, I was lost in the woods of Western Massachusetts for a whole weekend, the only reason I survived was due to the fact that I had found an old Rambo survival knife with matches still in the handle in an old abandoned campsite deep in the woods. I was able to build a fire, which was spotted by a rescue helicopter and was home safe and sound hours later… I love any type of survival knife and wish I still had the knife that had saved my life. Most importantly, I’m glad that someone was careless enough to forget it because without knowing, they saved my life.

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