Vote for Best Bike City in USA

Seattle, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, New York. . . those are a few of the cities, and you dear biking public get to vote on which ones move up in the ranks. Check out REI’s competition bracket to vote for your favorite cycling town.

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We at GearJunkie are trying to currently rally the troops to take down New York, which is up against our home base of Minneapolis. (NYC vs. MPLS, come on! No contest.) But don’t let us steer you. Go to the REI Facebook page and vote for yourself to help determine the nation’s “ultimate bike town” by April 3rd. —Stephen Regenold

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Posted by Margaret Kienzle - 03/29/2013 03:38 PM

Lived and commuted by bicycle from Arlington, VA, to Washington, DC, every day for years. Rode at least 200 miles/week all that time – DC rocks, and the whole area takes care of its riders.Only problem I ever had was crossing the GW Pkwy to get to Memorial Bridge – the cars were in gridlock, but they didn’t want to give you an inch.

Posted by John Devid - 04/01/2013 05:57 AM

If you want to riding a bike..
Florida is right places for riding a bike…

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