Earthquake Shock

The tragic news of the earthquake in Chile hit hard with the Gear Junkie crew, which just returned from the country last week. And part of Team Gear Junkie has yet to make it home from the region. Dan, Jason, and Chelsey from Team Gear Junkie stayed to travel and climb in Chile and Argentina after the race. They were awoken by the quake, though the area they were in did not sustain substantial damage. They are safe now and working to find a way home this week.

It is a huge tragedy, and one felt more sharply because of our recent visit to the country. We made so many new friends and fell in love with the country and its people. We have so far heard little word from our friends in Chile. We wait and hope for the best. Chile, stand tough! We hope you are back on your feet soon. —T.C. Worley and Stephen Regenold

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Posted by Stephen Regenold - 03/04/2010 10:00 AM

All members of Team Gear Junkie back in the US now! Good news.

Posted by Editor - 03/04/2010 10:01 AM

From @PatagonianRace (Twitter): “Everyone at the organization has been accounted for after the quakes here in Chile. We are keeping our friends in the north in our thoughts.”

Posted by Editor - 03/07/2010 09:30 PM

Note from Chelsey: “Our route home was via Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Miami, LAX. Basically all roads to Santiago were destroyed.. so that left us out of luck, or in luck depending on how you look at it. All the LAN systems were down, so there is no real record of us flying back home which is pretty crazy. they sent us home on little receipts!~ We saw many stranded people in Buenos Aires… we were there for about 20 hours and felt lucky!”

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