Bike Test in Patagonia

The Truth’s ICT suspension system stands for “instant center tracking.” In layman’s terms, the ICT technology allows a rider to experience bump absorption along with traction and control.

The ICT system gives the Truth four inches of rear travel. It is touted as “the most efficient suspension system ever designed,” and the numbers from Ellsworth say ICT bikes have an average energy loss of less than two percent. (This is compared to an average loss of six to 20 percent from competitors, Ellsworth claims.)

Ellsworth Truth Suspension.jpg

The Truth’s ICT suspension system

In Patagonia, we rode more than 180 miles in two days. The Truth, which weighs less than 25 pounds in most configurations, took in the bumps and made for a smooth ride. But on roads and easy track, the bike was fast and efficient.

The bike costs about $4,300 MSRP, a high-end ride but still actually at the lower end of the spectrum for Ellsworth’s complete bike builds. You can also order only the Truth frame ($2,195) and build a custom bike. The one I rode, a stock model Truth, was equipped with an SRAM x9 drivetrain, Fox F100 RLC fork, and hydraulic brakes.

Darwin Mountains Patagonia Photo.jpg

Darwin Mountain Range, Patagonia. Photo by T.C. Worley

As a side note, it was satisfying on another level to ride this particular bike in Patagonia. The overall goal of the Wenger Patagonian race was to bring attention to environmental causes and the need for conservation of the Patagonian wilderness. Ellsworth Bikes takes initiative to have the smallest footprint possible as a manufacturer, including handmade bikes produced in the USA. The Ellsworth warehouse is powered by solar on the roof, with excess energy returning to the public grid. Beyond its performance and speed, the Truth seemed like a fit in the Wenger Patagonian race on different level, too.

—Jason Magness is a founder of the YogaSlackers.

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Posted by Pat - 03/10/2010 03:32 PM

Awesome that the bike performed with zero time spent on it prior to the race. You must have been concerned with that, cool looking ride!

Posted by jason - 04/01/2010 10:31 AM

Actually Pat – normally I would have been (had bad experience with similar situation in the past) but I was so concerned with everything else going on that the fact the the bike had wheel and pedals and that those two things were connected by a chain…that was enough for me.

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