Call for EPIC award Nominations!

This past spring we launched the EPIC award, a new industry and outdoor-community prize that “highlights adventurers, athletes, gear designers, activists, and artists who affect notable change in the outdoors world.”

For 2012, we have already awarded three EPIC prizes, including to Jason Kruk, Hayden Kennedy, and Chris Skogen. (See the details of each winner here.) Now, for August, we’re in search of nominations for the fourth EPIC winner.

Epic Award graphic.jpg

Anyone making a difference and doing new things in the outdoors is candidate for the award, which is sponsored by Wenger North America. Our goal is to highlight achievers in our community doing “epic” things and as a result (we hope) motivating more people to get outside, have fun, push limits, and do good!

Candidates for the Epic Award will be submitted and judged by the editors and staff of GearJunkie, readers, and our friends and partners in the outdoors world. We want to keep this an open forum, and we invite you to nominate your friends, family, or connections in the outdoors space. Send an email to the editors and nominate your favorite “epic” individual today!

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by michael isom II - 07/16/2012 03:42 PM

The best knife has to be #6 the multitool. There are so many uses for survival, camping or just fixing your broke down car while stranded in the dark. What other reason does anyone need to put this tool in your glove box.

Posted by nicholas neidlinger - 07/16/2012 05:04 PM

#3 — Clip Folder
Whether it is in a tactical situation or in regular civilian use clip folder type knives are my preference. available in a multitude of sizes and attachment types they are most practical. their flip type opening mechanism and lockout feature are in addition to them being able to attach to almost anywhere.

Posted by Steve Dahlen - 07/16/2012 08:09 PM

I could really use the survival knife….I’m trying to build a decent survival kit to go along with my professional first aid kit.
Gerber always made good stuff and I’m planing on buying a nice Machete in the future.

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