'404 Error Page' icons give glimpse into outdoors brands

Type in an incorrect web address for many outdoor gear sites and you’re greeted with a silly photo, a pixelated image, or some other idiosyncrasy. After a mistake entry on Marmot’s website last week (which revealed a cute cartoon rodent with a note, “Sorry, Page not Found”) we intentionally mis-entered a few URLs to see what other brands had up their digital sleeves. Here are a few favorites from our error-filled search. —Stephen Regenold

marmot page.jpg

marmot 404.jpg

404 - sanuk.jpg

sanuk 404 error.jpg

404 - outside.jpg

404 outside mag.jpg

404 - bc.jpg

bc - 404.jpg

big agnes.jpg

404 big agnes.jpg

eagle creek car.jpg

eagle 404.jpg


oakley 404.jpg



404 petzl.jpg

404 burton.jpg

burton page.jpg


gnu 404.jpg

gerber 404.jpg

gerber page.jpg

404 - gj.jpg

gj 404.jpg

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