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Boy Scouts young and old remember the traditional A-frame tent. For many, that tent was a Eureka Timberline. So to commemorate the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary, Eureka has upgraded the Timberline with its Timberline SQ Outfitter model.

The four-person tent, slated to launch in March, uses a new frame design that increases headroom. A pole runs perpendicular to the ridge pole to help increase the tent’s living space by 24 percent, the company claims.

Eureka Timberline SQ Outfitter.jpg

Eureka Timberline SQ Outfitter

At 9lbs, 14oz, the tent is heavy for backpacking. But when split up between four people, the weight is more manageable. Set up, it’s about 7 feet by 8.5 feet inside and 4 feet, 9 inches tall.

In conjunction with the Boy Scouts’ anniversary, Eureka also created a special edition sleeping bag that’s currently available.

Eureka Boy Scouts 100th anniversary sleeping bag.jpg

Eureka 100th Anniversary Sleeping Bag

The Eureka 100th Anniversary Sleeping Bag is a 30-degree, three-season mummy-style bag. It has ThermaShield synthetic insulation and a polyester liner with a fleece pillow pocket. The 3lb, 9oz bag is available only online through the scout catalog.

The sleeping bag costs $90. Eureka’s Timberline SQ Outfitter tent will be available in March for $300.

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by PlethoraOfPinatas - 01/06/2010 11:49 AM

While it’s nice to see Eureka honoring the Boy Scouts, most things offered through the Scout Catalog are over-priced and/or of questionable quality.

And why would you get the kid a 4-person tent? Most scout troops assign kids a tent buddy, so a 2-person makes much more sense. While you’re at it, why give the kid a 4-pole tent? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to set up a 2-pole design?

You should recommend that any new scouts find a reputable locally-owned outfitter who will create a relationship with the new scout for many years of backpacking and gear purchases (this from my own experience).

Posted by todd-o - 01/06/2010 12:39 PM

as much as it’s probably not popular for a liberal’ish person to be on a scouting bandwagon, I really owe the scouts my gratitude for getting me involved in hiking, camping and the outdoors in the first place. nice job Eureka :)

Posted by Dan - 01/06/2010 02:46 PM

Almost all Scouts would prefer a four person tent for the extra space. The only time I would really want a two person tent for two people is while backpacking.

Posted by PlethoraOfPinatas - 01/06/2010 04:09 PM

@Dan – I agree that a 4-person would be better for car camping, but my parents could only afford one tent for me so we chose the tent that would be most versatile, which meant a 2-person that I could take backpacking. It was a Eureka Glacier Bay and I backpacked several hundred miles over at least 10 states with it!

Posted by jpea - 01/06/2010 08:07 PM

oddly enough, I just realized that the last 3 out of 4 tents I’ve owned are Eureka’s. Current is the Tundraline. Nice job Eureka

Posted by Pilgrim - 01/08/2010 02:53 PM

Todd-O, don’t worry, the Scouts are just a little behind the times. They’ll be issuing rainbow colored neckerchiefs soon enough. It’s all about incrementalism.

Posted by Chris - 01/08/2010 03:20 PM

They used to sell rainbow suspenders at the trading post at Philmont

Posted by Joe - 01/08/2010 04:33 PM

Our troop has the older model that was used for the last Jamboree. We do a lot of car camping so weight isn’t a big deal. There are usually 2 to 3 scouts per. We have also used them backpacking divvying up the pieces. I hope there are few pieces to lose with this new one.

Posted by D Bagg - 01/08/2010 06:09 PM

Like most Eureka tents, this one will be fine so long as it never rains and the wind never blows..

Posted by jpea - 01/09/2010 05:13 PM

my Tundraline doesn’t leak and is rock solid, even with rain and wind :)

Posted by R Horwood - 02/02/2010 06:22 AM now has this bag for under $60.00

Posted by BEAVERMAN - 08/17/2010 10:58 AM


Posted by Commonsense - 01/26/2011 11:36 AM

Timberline is one of the best tents I ever used. My troop uses them exclusively. We get the two man. The four is just too bulky. As to the wind and rain, we have NEVER had a problem. We camp in all conditions and all weather. When troops all around are wet, we are dry. Todd – nothing wrong with a “liberalish” person supporting Scouting. Scouting is the most fundamentally effective youth organization out there. While you may disagree with a few rules, the positive impact they have is undeniable. Glad to see you have the commonsense to recognize that.

Posted by anthony subba - 12/29/2012 12:19 AM

i like scouting and i want to be a good scout boy in this world like a robert baden pwell

Posted by Bob Erle - 02/01/2013 11:31 AM

There is a reason that so many troops use this tent. Its well made and durable. No $60 tent is going to put up with the kind of use Scouts subject them to for 10-20 years. We put 3-4 boys in a tent, especially in winter because it makes them warmer. From the comments above, it seems like some don’t understand this. Unless you are backpacking, Troops provide the tents. The simple fact is that Scouts use these Timberline tents because they’re quality is unquestionable and more than worth the extra cost.

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