Excavator in Utah Lake Takes Wakeboarder for a Spin

wakeboard 3.jpg

Producer Devin Graham (a.k.a. Devin Super Tramp) has built a name filming crazy stunts, including the “World’s Largest Rope Swing” and “Human Slingshot Slip and Slide” videos, which have seen millions of views.

In his latest video, Graham and crew rig up a half-submerged backhoe with a tow rope… and, well, fun and hilarity ensues. The video was uploaded yesterday and already has 300,000 views. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Bonus: Watch this behind-the-scenes video below where Graham and crew talk about the making of the “Track Hoe Boarding” stunt.


Hold on tight!

Wakeboard 4.jpg

Getting rad on a wakeboard…attached to an excavator

—Amy Oberbroeckling