Snooping around the Explorers Club, taking photos with a phone. . .

We’re in the outdoor adventure hotbed of Manhattan this week. Oh wait, New York? That’s right, here in the hustle and bustle is headquartered an epicenter of all things adventure, the venerable Explorers Club. Founded in 1904, the club sits at 46 East 70th Street in New York City and it currently has 30 chapters worldwide. It is a “professional society dedicated to scientific exploration of Earth, its oceans, and outer space.” Here are 10 random items we found today snooping around the club. —T.C. Worley

the explorers club.jpg

The Explorers Club

flag from the moon.jpg

Flag from first lunar landing


First images from the arctic, ever

arctic man.jpg

Man of the Arctic


Adventure art


Random Walrus head

prayer flags on chair.jpg

Prayer flags in an armchair

Teddy Roosevelt table.jpg

Teddy Roosevelt planned the Panama Canal at this table

pins on map.jpg

Where we’ve been lately. . .

ss roosevelt.jpg

Naval vessel

Explorers Club - photo.jpg

Archived notes, images from adventures long past