Final 'Blade Blowout' Contest

UPDATE: That’s it, and that’s all! The final 38 knife winners from Gerber Gear are listed below…

gerber knives.jpg

Our 38 winners “Liked,” Voted, and left comments that caught our eye…

Andrei Karpoff
Chauna B
Fred Fothergill
Timmy Dow
Calvin Tait
Ken Anders
Brandon Hutchens
David Haines
Ray Shehan
Bobby Redfern
Robert Williams
Jason Hardesty
Mike Rigby
Matt Crone
Ian Waight
Kelly Burleson
Allen White
John Loose
Jeff Adler
Neil Sierocki
Kevin Sturmer
Ben Hopton
Dan Panfil
Cristy Rice
Paige K
Jim Plank
Steve Wanke
Lisa Lopez
Daniel H
Aaron Hatfield
Jonathan Thomas
Michael Blaine
Alex Gano
Bill Thompson
Travis Boots
Andrew Grindrod
Dan Wells