Clueless Boyfriend and Bike Chains Subject of new Video

Clean, quiet, maintenance-free, and (best part!) no bike grease to dirty your walls or mess up your shirt. That’s the message of a new video oriented to women by the makers of the Gates Carbon Drive.

Gates’ “chain-replacing technology,” as the company puts it, uses a high-strength drive belt and two metal sprockets instead of an old-fashioned bike chain and gears. It requires no grease (as the video shows) and potentially less maintenance than a traditional bike drivetrain, another thing Gates hopes to show women who might otherwise be turned off by the hassle of a normal bike. Take a peek below. Ladies, what do you think?

Posted by CycleFar - 04/22/2012 12:03 PM

It’s great in many ways but there are no gears. I’d be very interested in this if there was a way of fitting a good range of gears for cycle touring.

Posted by Sumanster - 10/10/2012 06:12 PM

The web site mentions they can be used with internally geared hubs.

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