GoLite Footwear Carbon Fyre trail runners

These 2008 trail runners—the Carbon Fyre from GoLite Footwear—will be among the priciest ever made when they debut in March 2008.

Indeed, at $160 the shoes go at twice the price of a good pair from Vasque or Inov-8.

But GoLite always has some tricks up its sleeves, and with this model there are large shock-absorbing lugs on the sole and a heel cradle made of carbon fiber.


The semi-lightweight shoes—11.5 oz. per foot—are made to protect the foot, stabilize, and promote top speed on the trail, just like any trail runner I guess.


But it’s the special lugs that make these shoes what they are: The beefy lugs underfoot act independently, cushioning and absorbing shock, taking in the subtleties of the terrain one by one, and thus lessening the strain on your body.

Or so the company says. GoLite has yet to send me a pair so I can’t offer a personal take. I’ll have to change that now.

Watch for the full review soon. . .

Price: $160
Available: March 2008
Contact: www.golite-footwear.com

Posted by KYRUNR - 09/06/2007 06:25 AM

I was told by a GoLite rep at MRA Lansing that their new shoes didn’t fare so well, that in some stores they were near 100% returns – apparently some major production problems. For a company using Timberland technology and with all their “lite” experience, one would think they would be sure to get it right before foisting this extremely expensive product on a slobbering, unsuspecting “go light at all costs” public!

Posted by Simon Trussler - 09/06/2007 04:54 PM

I heard that there would be little foot support as nearly all the sole is cut away to leave the lugs.

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