GoLite Lime Lites

Disguised as a semi-formal set of kicks, the GoLite Lime Lites can easily transport you from work, to the trail and then to the bar. The leather shoes have the style for the pavement and GoLite’s Paw Pad soles designed for the dirt.

The pads incorporate a firm sole with soft, pyramid-shapped lugs that provide ample traction on most terrain. The outsole technology is based on animal pads that provide great traction and cushioning.

GoLite Lime Lite

For more stability, the shoes also lace to the toe allowing you to tweak your fit. But, unlike true trail shoes, the Lime Lites don’t breathe. No matter where I went with them, my feet overheated.

The Lime Lites are currently available for $110. www.golite-footwear.com

—Ryan Dionne