Gracie's Gear Sports Bra

The inspiration for Gracie’s Gear Inc.‘s debut product came two years ago when founder Lauren Grace Updyke was training for her first marathon. She had tucked energy gel packs under the strap of her sports bra, an easy-access point, though not without some chafing consequences.

And then it hit her: Why not incorporate a pouch on the front of the bra?

Thus, the POWER POUCH was born, a three-compartment pocket on the front of the bra made to carry your iPod, cell phone, energy gels, or car keys.


The POWER POUCH is stitched on the outside of the bra fabric to keep objects from chafing the skin. There’s a small zipper and a cord hole in the pocket to feed an MP3 player cord.

My wife has tested the Long Tank model, a bra made 88% of polyester with 12% Spandex thrown in. It comes in four colors (blue, pink, black and green) and has a “racer back” construction to allow for a full range of arm movement. It’s about 2 inches longer than a standard tank top, according to the company, which can increase comfort.

Sizes range from 32A up to 42DD.

The long Tank is on sale now for $32.30.

The company’s other products include a hooded jacket, running shorts and two other sports-bra models.

Go here for more information:

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Posted by Ashley Denise - 03/01/2010 02:30 PM


Posted by Maria loves sports bra - 09/27/2010 04:42 PM

Wow, Great design!!!, I like <a href=””>sports bra</a> with pockets, it would help me a lot…

Posted by Melissa - 02/07/2011 09:51 PM

Love the product idea!! Do you have anything with the pocket in back instead of in front?

Thanks – M

Posted by Gracie Updyke - 05/12/2013 06:00 AM

This is Gracie, from Gracie’s Gear! We want to share that we’re bringing manufacturing for this AWESOME sports bra home to the USA!!! We need your support on Kickstarter to make it happen! Pre-order your American made tops!

Posted by Kathryn - 05/20/2013 11:07 PM

Would love one of the long tanks with the pocket under the breast area (really, what woman wants odd lumps around her breast area?)

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