Holiday Gear: SOL Core Lite Knife

This knife has a built-in L.E.D. light, letting it double as a mini flashlight or a blade you can use at night. Made by Adventure Medical Kits, the SOL Core Lite is pitched as a survival tool. It has a stout steel blade, the light, and a 100-decibel rescue whistle. Weighs an ultra-light 1.5 ounces. $20,

»PERFECT GIFT FOR: Knife junkies, survivalists

»WRAPPING PAPER: Put in Christmas stocking


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Posted by Tom Varoz - 03/20/2011 09:45 AM

Editors Choice Awards Backpacker April 2011. Page 146. Killer Deal. Survivalist More than just a mini blade, the Adventure Medical Kits Core Lite is a multifaceted survival tool weighing just 1.4 oz. One end of the lip-balm-size plastic housing contains a 10-lumen LED task light; the other end features a 100-decibel whistle(that’s rock-concert loud). And as a knife, this two-inch locking blade proved perfect for slicing cheddar and whittling marshmallow sticks. $19.99 7summitsgear

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