PureBot Water Bottle

From SIGG water bottles to baby products, the great BPA (Bisphenol-A) debate is raging right now. But fewer people are aware of another plastic unpleasantry known as EA. That stands for estrogenic activity, and it refers to any chemical that either blocks or mimics estrogen in the human body.

According to some researchers, nearly all plastic bottles leach an EA chemical, which are cited in studies to alter human growth rates, change behavior patterns, reduce sperm count, increase cancer rates and do other ugly things.

Hydrapak has partnered with an outfit called PlastiPure to create the PureBot, a sports bottle launched in November that is touted as EA-free.

Hydrapak Purebots.jpg

Hydrapak PureBot

The PureBot does not contain Bisphenol-A or EA chemicals. Besides being free of two highly debated compounds, the Hydrapak PureBot is a normal 24-ounce bike water bottle with a large screw top lid. It’s currently available for $10. www.pure-bot.com

—Ryan Dionne