Injinji Outdoor Series toe socks

The colorful toe socks that were once popular amongst middle school girls are now being touted as providing “optimal performance on virtually any terrain.” Injinji, a popular manufacturer of the gloves-for-your-feet socks, designed a line of toe socks made from a mix of Merino wool, nylon and Lycra, that are touted as perfect for trail running, hiking, biking or other adventure sports.

Injinji Outdoor Series toe socks.jpg

Injinji Outdoor Series toe socks

The wool blend helps keep feet warm in winter and cool in summer while wicking sweat, staying soft and not stretching, the company says. Between each toe is Injinji’s anti-friction fabric to help prevent blisters. The Outdoor Series of toe socks, offered in gray, green and blue, are currently available for $16.

—Ryan Dionne