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Walk a mile through any woods, run down a ragged trail, and the chance of collecting a twig or pebble in your shoe is fairly high. For backpackers and hikers, a tiny intrusion — say a small stone wedged under your sock — can easily sprout a hot spot or blister.

As such, some hikers employ gaiters, which seal the top of a shoe off with a cinching sleeve of nylon or mesh.

Inov-8 Ltd, a U.K.-based footwear company, recently debuted a gaiter-equipped sock — the Debrisoc — that has a built-in flap of fabric that folds over a shoe’s opening.


A pair of these socks, which come in a merino wool variety ($22) or made with CoolMax material ($18), take the hassle out of pulling on and managing gaiters while on the go.

The design is simple: A flap of material on the ankle cuff folds over the shoe’s opening; a small hook stretches the gaiter flap over the laces, locking it in place; and an elastic band loops underneath your sole to keep the Debrisoc tight.

During my test earlier this month, the Debrisoc fit well and stayed solidly in place throughout six miles of hiking, including about a mile of bushwhacking through thick woods.

As promised, the socks kept all debris at bay. I never once had to dump out my shoes during the hike.

However, one issue: In a particularly nasty backwoods section of my hike — most likely when I was negotiating a forest of deadfall — one of the Debrisoc’s elastic bungee cords snapped off and disappeared.

This left me with a semi-functional gaiter for the rest of the day.

Had I brought some cord along, this would have been a simple fix, as the Debrisoc was made to be re-threaded ad hoc with line or a replacement bungee. Instead I simply tromped on with a flapping gaiter for the final few miles.

No other complaints with this product. A cool innovation all around.

Inov-8 Ltd ( does not sell direct; resellers like and are just now offering the Debrisoc within online store product lines.

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Posted by chuck largent - 10/18/2007 06:40 PM

i had the same experience with one of the elastic cords breaking. should be made stronger, heavier material.

Posted by DW - 10/22/2007 01:14 PM

I really like this sock-gaiter concept, reminds me of those European orienteering gaiters made to be worn with nickers. The problem with the cord snapping off seems to be common when using gaiters of all sorts with trail running/adventure racing shoes. I’ve tried using all different manner of bindings to hold the gaiter down. The most durable being parachute cord with the interior strand replaced with twisted or braided picture hanging wire. Seems trail runner/AR shoe manufacturers need to create a gutter under the instep in which the cord can run to keep it from being worn through on rocky, rooty terrain. My favorite shoe, Salmon XA Pros are seem to be anti-gaiter shoes (no horizontal end lace, either), so I make due and bring extra lacing for inevitable gaiter repair (shot after 6 hours typically).

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