Interview with Jeff Lenosky

At age 38, Jeff Lenosky of Sparta, New Jersey, is still a serious threat in competitions like the Freeride Dual, a head-to-head race in Vail. The race includes “difficult but doable” jumps, ramps and other obstacles. Riders choose to enter on a big, DH-style bike, go fast and light on a BMX bike, or ride something in between. We caught up with Lenosky at the booth in Vail before the race.

freeride mtb.jpg

Freeride competitors at the 2008 race

Gear Junkie: What bike are you using in the Freeride Dual?

Lenosky: It’s a Giant STP, which stands for street, trails, and park. It’s a bike I designed for 2009. It weighs about 26 pounds and is a hardtail with a lower seat so you don’t fly over the handlebars.

Jeff Lenosky.jpg

Jeff Lenosky in the booth

Gear Junkie: Any other interesting gear you use in the race?

Lenosky: The Teva B1 shoes are unique. I’ve got them. And for eyewear, I have the Native Bomber Glasses. Very nice.

Gear Junkie: What does it take to win a race like the Freeride Dual?

Lenosky: The course is basically a series of obstacles not conducive to biking. You need to jump, balance, and ride at high speed. The first one through the course wins. There are no points for style. It’s a clean competition, like a drag race on bikes.

freeride mtb photo.jpg

Freeride competitors at the 2008 race

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