K2 HellBent skis

The Hellbent skis were made for deep powder snow—and nothing else. They have a strange reverse-camber design that causes the tip and tail of the ski to bow up in an unnatural bend. (See image below.)


The reverse-camber effect provides this ski with float and control in deep fluff heretofore reserved for a snowboard. K2 claims it can plane on snow without the “speed or effort” associated with traditional fat skis.

Dimensions measure at an obese 150mm tip, a 122mm midsection, and a 141mm tail.

This fat design and minimal sidecut keeps it from “deflecting in chopped up or variable snow but still allows versatility when making laps back to the lift,” according to the promotional copy.

Available: Now.

Suggested retail: $800.00

Contact: www.k2skis.com


Posted by jon - 11/24/2007 05:51 PM

Hey Gear Junkie, check out these links to a few guys using the hellbents
and other ideas in the world of skiing.


I find this all interesting… I mean using no poles in powder and
reverse camber skis in the park. I think it looks innovative, not
necessarily where the world of skiing will go but definitely good
progression to what can be done with the new influences coming into
our sport.

but yeah check out these links the parks video is definitely fun, I
like the press at the end on the picnic tables, looks even better
because of the reverse camber.

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