Igloo Building with Erik Boomer in Canadian Arctic

“Igloo building was an essential skill for the Inuit to survive the cold Arctic nights. Finding good ‘igloo snow’ is the first and most important part.”

That’s Erik Boomer talking about the photo series below, shot this week in Nunavut. This spring, Boomer, Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry, and Katherine Breen are building traditional kayaks and heading out on a 70-day crossing of Baffin Island.

Inside an igloo

The team is learning the skills and history of the Northern Canadian Inuit to help them survive during 2+ months in the Arctic wilds. This includes constructing their own kayaks as well as learning how to navigate and find shelter in the frozen lands.

Continued Boomer on igloo building, “The blocks are overset with an angled joint, creating two points of contact to hold the angled blocks. The more you build the more they support each other.”

Eric McNair-Landry constructs an igloo

Ready for the night

Aurora Borealis (northern lights) as the crew goes to bed

—Photos © Erik Boomer. Follow Boomer and team during “Expedition Q” (the Q standing for Qajaqtuktuk, which means “he or she kayaks”) this summer at www.pittarak.com.