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Posted by Holly Roth - 07/25/2012 11:37 AM

The last knife I bought was a SwissChamp Swiss Army knife. It has 33 functions and I use it for everything.
When I look for a knife, I look for one with a blade that won’t dull too fast, a place for my thumb on the handle, so my hand won’t slip, a blade that’s either straight or partially serrated so it can be sharpened, and I like my knives to have lock blades so they don’t unexpectedly close on my fingers.

Posted by Steve B - 07/25/2012 11:37 AM

My last knife purchase was not that great. The kid behind the counter was not at all educated on knives, just pointed me to most expensive. I ended up doing my own research and decided on a moderately priced but high quality knife (brand not mentioned). What I looked for was quality hand craftsmanship, sharpness and material quality in the blade. Attention to every detail in quality and design. When you’re outdoors, manmade in China ain’t gonna cut it, pun intended.

Posted by Sharlihe - 07/25/2012 11:37 AM

I would like to say : buy a knife for YOUR utilisation !

Personnaly i bought a gerber Prodigy for the glasses braker , the fixed blade and the serrated blade .
I use it for cut some wood , open fish , and for all my activities on bushcraft

Posted by Jeffzx9 - 07/25/2012 11:40 AM

My last knife purchase roughly 5 years ago, was a discontinued, spear point SOG folder, I still carry every day; everywhere. I think it was about $75. I’ve already commented on the story. Am I entered?

Posted by Danielle - 07/25/2012 11:42 AM

the last knife i purchased was the gerber bear grylls knife, had everything i needed.
Capability and durability is all i need:)

Posted by Mike Phillips - 07/25/2012 11:42 AM

I haven’t really purchased a high quality knife yet; The one I have is a middle of the road one from an Outdoor Navy Store but still works pretty well.

The most important qualities I would look for in purchasing my next knife would be the quality of the metal and the overall durability of the knife.

Posted by Greg S - 07/25/2012 11:43 AM

Traveling through Oklahoma I bought my last knife. I look for construction quality mainly and sturdiness of the blade when open..

Posted by nate - 07/25/2012 11:44 AM

these knifes are the bestest eva!

Posted by Jesse Nelson - 07/25/2012 11:45 AM

I bought a Kabar Bowie knife. When im looking for a good hunting or fishing knife, i need something with a good sheath, full tang, strong metal, and a good grip. If a knife doesn’t have one of those, it’s quality is overall lowered.

Posted by Christopher Sorel - 07/25/2012 11:45 AM

The last two knives I purchased were the first for my son at cubscout camp and not many choices. He wanted a knife. I look for a quality knife from a company like Gerber that stands behind and makes quality blades. That said one of the 2 purchased at camp blade has snapped.

Posted by James Noon - 07/25/2012 11:46 AM

My last knife purchase was a old timer, and it SUCKED, first time out camping,, went to use it to trim back some bark for a peg, and the damn thing broke,,, I will stick with my Gerber equipment for now on,

Posted by Lee Cross - 07/25/2012 11:46 AM

When it comes to knifes I look for two things: the price and what the knife offers me. Being a college student who like to go hunting, fishing and do outdoors stuff I need a reliable knife that can handle the elements outdoors and indoors but one that will not break the bank. Most knifes I’ve bought have been between $30-$50 and I have defiantly gotten my moneys worth over the years using them.

Posted by Gabriel Rivett-Carnac - 07/25/2012 11:46 AM

My last knife purchase was the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife. I purchased it off of a recommendation and has been very handy so far. There are 2 qualities that I look for: 1. Simplicity of design and weight and 2. overall durability. The “Ultimate” is quite heavy and would not bring it on a long excursion as well as the size makes it inhibitive for activities such as biking, kayaking etc. But the blade, has withstood the beating so far!

Posted by clinton nassar - 07/25/2012 11:47 AM

The last knife i bought was the Bear grylls ultimate. Survival knife it is amazing. It has a sharpener and fire starter. Works great as a hammer or gutting fish. It also works great as a general knife for everyday use. I love Gerber knives i have 10 plus i need more the tactical one would be great

Posted by Justin Forsythe - 07/25/2012 11:48 AM

It’s been so long since I’ve bought a knife I can’t remember what I paid for it…

Qualities I look for in a knife are a combination of strong blade that will not instantly go dull and quick, reliable use. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes trying to open a knife for a simple task. Thanks for the chance!

Posted by David Perry - 07/25/2012 11:49 AM

I bought the Bear Grylls’ Survival Series Ultimate as my last purchase. I wanted more than just a blade and was tired of packing fire starters and additional tools. I figured I’d get something more functional. I’m not displeased!

Posted by Todd - 07/25/2012 11:49 AM

My last knife purchase was a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. I’ve always been a Swiss Army fan (Thanks MacGuyver) The best one I’ve owned for almost 15 years was my grandfathers. When he passed I started carrying it. I decided last week, that if I ever lost it, i’d be sad since it’s the only thing of his I own. So I bought a replacement with a few minor upgrades. I think this will do the trick quite nicely. A great Every day carry and a good item to have on a key chain while Camping. I can now display my Grandfathers knife with no worries of losing it.

Posted by Margaret Imecs - 07/25/2012 11:50 AM

The knife must be very sharp and adequate blade length is very important.

Posted by Ed - 07/25/2012 11:51 AM

MY last knife was given to me by the military. I really have no clue on how to look for a knife except the reputation of the knife. One that is easyto use and will stay sharp

Posted by ben - 07/25/2012 11:52 AM

the last knife that i purchased was a Gerber Fast Draw i paid around $35 for it and i think it was worth it just cant go wrong with Gerber when i am looking to buy a knife i look on line first but also i look at it see how heavy it is look the blade make sure going hold that edge and i also feel the grip the knife has how it would handle with something wet on it another important for me is how good the locking on it is witch in the Fast Draw case are freaking amazing and then since its Gerber you can never really go wrong the make some the world best knifes in my own option you can just never go wrong with Gerber’s

Posted by Rob C. - 07/25/2012 11:52 AM

The last Knfie I bought was a KA-BAR Pocket knife! I always thought KA-BAR was a good kinfe, but when I got it home I found out it was made in China and the screws touched the blade. From now on the first thing I look for is MADE IN THE USA. And After that it is all about the balance, feel and sharpness.

Posted by Dale Dutcher - 07/25/2012 11:53 AM

I purchased the Gerber BMF Basic Multi-Function Survival Knife System in 1986 and it has been a superior tool to have with you when you are down range. I personally recommend the Gerber knives because of the outstanding reliability and performance for any operator in the field. The Gerber system performs well under many harsh conditions and is very hard to beat.

Posted by Brian jarvis - 07/25/2012 11:53 AM

I look for functionality and durability.
While weight can sometimes mean great quality?? It has to be determined against packing or wearing the knife.
I like both folding and fix blade knifes. It is just a matter of what I need for a particular situation or duty.
I don’t get hung up on just buying the popular name brands,, I just purchase the type of blade I need at the time, and can be useful in the future,, and the value of my investment.
I like the new styles and innovated designs that are coming out now though.
Variety is the spice of life!!

Posted by Tyson Allred - 07/25/2012 11:54 AM

Ive always loved your knives I have one in every bag I carry and one on me at all times not to mention the one or two in my truck!

Posted by Nathan Stump - 07/25/2012 11:56 AM

The last knife i purchased was a cheap off brand knife that didnt work very well at all, the things i look at when i buy a new knife are the weight if it is too heavy i feel like i cant control the knife properly second is balance there has to be a good weight balance between the handle and the blade next i look at the blade itself it has to have a good edge and not be too long i need a practical knife not some giant monster that i cant even carry around, the last thing i look at is does the knife have a belt clip i like something i know is not going to slide out of my pocket when i bend down to pick something up.

Posted by David - 07/25/2012 11:56 AM

The last knife I bought proved to be unreliable. It broke after a few short weeks of use. A sharp, sturdy knife is Important to me.

Posted by Florian - 07/25/2012 11:57 AM

The most important qualities when purchasing a knife, are depending of what the knife will be used for.

In the city a multitool will be the most usefull tool you can purchase. The important qualities are the integrated functions and the steel which is used for it.

In the wilderness a multitool is to instable. Here the qualities i would be looking for is the steel which has been used for the Knife, the perfect mixture of the steel for sharpness/stability, the possibilities to carry the knive and – also important – the size (not to small so you can “work” with it, but also not to heavy).

Posted by Joshua Krites - 07/25/2012 11:58 AM

I purchased my last knife over 10 years ago it was a Remington .30-30 collectors edition straight blade knife. And to this day I not only still have that knife I use it. To me a knife is more than a tool it is a weapon that has been around since the dark ages when it was known as a dagger. I look for craftsmanship and the heart that was put into this blade i’m buying and from what I have seen and felt Gerber really puts fine craftmanship and heart into their blades.

Posted by James Ireland - 07/25/2012 11:59 AM

My last knife purchase was a Gerber Paraframe. The most important qualities I look for in a knife are; will it fit my needs, construction quality, blade sharpness, and ease of one handed opening and closing (if applicable). My Paraframe is my belt knife for hikes. When I head to the woods to camp I take the Paraframe, a survival knife for wandering, and a multi tool just in case I need any of the gadgets on that. Always be prepared.

Posted by Kiray Huynh - 07/25/2012 11:59 AM

The last knife i purchased was the evo jr. When i was shopping around i was already gonna look for a gerber. I have heard alot of good reviews from a buddy of mine. I have had many brands of knifes, but gerber has been my all time favorite. When it came time to purchase my knife I was looking for good blade that never loses its sharpness. The smooth mechanism of the knife its self is a big factor. Thank you Gerber for a good and reliable knife that has not failed me ever!!

Posted by Sam Haley - 07/25/2012 11:59 AM

What to look for would depend on what kind of blade your looking for but in general blade quality is the most important thing to look for! My last purchase was the gerber flip pocket blade, I carry it every day.

Posted by Kevin Drennan (diesel tigerauge - 07/25/2012 12:00 PM

well last knife i bought was 50 dallors. I bought it cuz i dont wanna ruin my gerber blade. well that proved to be a waist had to sharpen it everyday. the screws kept lossening. so oneday i was trying to cut open a bass and well lets say the knife almost cut off my index figer the blade came out the screws were done for. I hate sharping a blade every day from jst cutting boxes fish or other matrail let alone tighting it everyday. i rate the blade at -1 but my 75 dallor gerber knife works awsome never have to sharpen it even when i cut thro tim and thin metals boxs fish will never trade it in lovw it. its even got a bottle opener on it awsome 10+ thanks for the chance

Posted by Peter Perry - 07/25/2012 12:01 PM

I appreciate a knife with a partially serrated bald that stays sharp for a reasonably long time from constant use. Also, I like a good handle to give you a better feel with the knife. Thanks!

Posted by Jim R - 07/25/2012 12:01 PM

The last knife I bought was from Wal Mart, hmmmm never again.

Posted by Dale - 07/25/2012 12:02 PM

I purchased a Buck knife to be used in the field while hunting. The most important aspect of a knife is whether or not it can perform when you need it. Overall quality, functionality and design all play a part in the price that you pay for your knife.

Posted by Kevin Fitzpatrick - 07/25/2012 12:02 PM

The last knife I bought was a TOPS Hawk Recon Hunters Knife which I payed $133 some dollars and it has served me well. I use it for just about everything and anything at work and at home.

The most important qualities in a knife I believe are longevity of the blade’s sharpness, durability, and how useful it really is. The blades sharpness needs to last for awhile because whats the point of a blade that you have to sharpen almost everytime you use it? The durability of the materials used because if the handle and such things on the blade break how are you going to use it and also, how useful the knife really is. Yeah you can go buy a knife just to say you have a cool blade but thats not the point of the knife. I use every single knife i’ve ever had till it falls apart on me and then some.

Posted by Amanda Charaba - 07/25/2012 12:02 PM

The last knife I bought was for my son for boy scouts and I honestly thought it would be a decent knife: a Browning folder, but after two camping trips, it just fell apart. I was very disappointed, as my son had used his birthday money to purchase it.

Posted by Mark Jones - 07/25/2012 12:04 PM

Another hit by Gerber!

Posted by Logan Shenk - 07/25/2012 12:04 PM

The last knife i purchased was a Kershaw folder. In a knife i look for where it was built, how it fits in my hand, and steel quality.

Posted by Mitchell R. Sullivan - 07/25/2012 12:07 PM

When I shop for a knife I`m shopping not just for a knife but something thats actually going to be a part of me & a part of my everyday lifestyle. I want 1 that has an easily accessible blade, 1 that is well balanced in my hand, 1 that will maintain a sharp edge & 1 that the blade is durable enough to do more than just cut, if I`m in a treestand or anywhere outdoors with no tools other than my knife & I have to chop a sappling down, a limb out of a tree or tighten a screw up (Everyone of you do it or have done it)then I want my knife to come through. I own 6 Gerber knives & 2 multi-tools & not 1 of them has ever let me down. I own both the knives in the advertisement pics. I`m in the mkt. for their retractable limb saw now & I know without shopping around that L`m gonna get the best $$$ can buy, did I mention the cheapest too.

Posted by Sam Odgers - 07/25/2012 12:09 PM

My two most recent knives are both a year and ahalf or two years old. Both are Gerber folders and I can’t remember whar I paid for them and don’t fankly care. Both are great knives and get used very heavily every day.

Posted by Gabe Phillips - 07/25/2012 12:10 PM

The last knife I purchased was the Gerber paraframe knife. In my exprinance a knife has to handle the every day needs along with hunting,camping and fishing. As well as be affordable. Gerber meets these needs in my mind.

Posted by Eddie Ritchie - 07/25/2012 12:11 PM

I love gerber knives they are really though, I use mine every day for alot of stuff i had almost bought the black knife thats in the picture today when i was at walmart but i didnt have the money to spare i would love to be able to win a new one

Posted by Jay Guthrie - 07/25/2012 12:13 PM

The last knife I purchased was a Tanto blade with brass knuckles,I bought it because it was Surgical Stainless and it was so well made that it held an edge Longer than most of my exspensive knives.It hung on my LBE for 10 yrs.Only had too sharpen it Twice in that ten years,and It was used dailey.

Posted by Mason Sheen - 07/25/2012 12:14 PM

The last knife I bought was a Tac-Force speedster modle. the reason I bought it was because it was a spring assist knife that opened fast. I soon learned that this knife dulls very fast I would like a folding knife that I know will last. I know that Gerber has amazing quality when I comes to knifes. I would like a stron knife that lasts so that if I am camping I can rely on it do do the hard work for me.

Posted by Tony - 07/25/2012 12:16 PM

My last knife I purchased was a kershaw.. I still have it and carry it with me everyday… its was moderately priced and after a year still has a decent edge to it… id have to say the most important part of a knife to me is a good edge…and locking mechan ism

Posted by Richard K - 07/25/2012 12:16 PM

Unfortunately the last knife I bought was abysmal, and just so happened to be a Gerber Answer F.A.S.T. tanto folder. I was extremely anxious to get the knife as I after owning a couple other Gerber knives I’ve always been happy with the brand and their products. This knife however, turned out to be a complete waste of money. The first thing I noticed was that the blade would not lock when opening the knife, a result of the thumb studs bouncing off of the frame. Eventually, the thumb studs fell off of the blade completely and I was left with a small hole in the blade where they used to be. The blade also dulled from the knife hitting the frame when closing, and also became extremely wobbly and felt as if the knife blade would soon come loose of it’s frame. The pocket clip fell off as well, and then the handle cover came loose and would slide back and forth on the liner. Finally, the liner came apart and the knife literally fell to pieces after if fell off of my kitchen counter. I honestly have never been so disappointed in a knife. Truth be told I never even got to put the knife to any use at all. All of the flaws came out from simply practicing opening and closing the knife in my living room trying to get used to the lock/button. I love my LMF, but I’m not sure I’d ever buy another Gerber folder.

Posted by Spencer Gall - 07/25/2012 12:17 PM

To date the best knife I have every bought was actually at a garage sale… for $10 I got a old school pocket knife. Upon further research I found out it was a WWI knife made by Schatt & Morgan in PA USA for export and use by Canadian sailors. Made my day when I found this out as I love folding pocket knives and Canadian History. Hands down the most important thing with a knife is Functionality and Quality! Cheap knifes break and are useless… Quality knives lasts for generations!

Check it out, has a solid blade, Can opener and a Marlin Spike for Rope

Posted by Karen - 07/25/2012 12:18 PM

The last knife I bought was a non name knife off ebay and bought 6 of them for family when we kayak. Unfortunately I should have gotten a gerber knife for everyone as they ended up being useless and flimsy and will be replacing them with something from Gerber when everyone makes up their mind :)

Posted by Steve h - 07/25/2012 12:18 PM

The last kniefe that I got was not purchased but I got for law enfocement for my job(military). It is a benchmade and is a straight blade with partial seration. Overall a great blade very sharp and I have had it for awhile and sharpened it once. It is a expensive knief I mostlikely would not have baught on my own. It has a quick release which made it a great work knief. The qualities I look for in a knief are a straight blade with or without partial seration, a blade made of a strong metal that does not dull easily or break, a strong grip or handle that the screws wont fall out of or breaks, and a quick release or spring assist always give it a nice bonus athough not needed

Posted by gg - 07/25/2012 12:18 PM

I look for grip and rip – how the handle feels in my hand and how the blade holds up. And most importantly, can it carve a nice point on a stick for roasting my kids’ marshmallows.

Posted by Grant L. - 07/25/2012 12:19 PM

The last knife I bought was a Ka-Bar Dog’s
Head Trailing Point Hunter.
When buying a knife I look at the price of course, I’m not going to buy a cheap $25 chinese knock-off.
Secondly look the quality of the metal that the blade is made of and the company as well. In my experience Gerber,Ka-Bar and have always been reliable and good, quality brands with good prices.
The last thing I look for in a blade is use, for the sole reason that I’m not a collector and I’ll use knifes daily in the work environment or just for utility as well such as hunting,fishing,camping, ect.

Posted by Jennifer Bush - 07/25/2012 12:19 PM

The last knife I bought was a Gerber Aluminum Presto with a 3” fine edge blade. I mostly bought it for work, where I end up opening lots of boxes, and for cutting the sheathing off of cables. I got a good deal for it and paid about $30 for it.

Qualities I look for are generally size, smooth opening and closing, a belt clip, if the lock is easy to operate with one hand, and a good, sharp quality blade. When I was on active duty in the military, I was issued lots of multi-tools, and knives. Gerber’s generally outlasted the others, and had some of the best designs.

Posted by Brecht Lambrechts - 07/25/2012 12:19 PM

A few years ago I bought the Spanish made ‘Nieto Toro’. A fine fixed blade knife, that keeps an edge well and seems to thrive under the heavy use it is subjected to.

When buying a knife, functionality is my priority. Even a multi-purpose knife is not always the right choice. Do I want to take this knife to an office-day (luckily these aren’t many) at work or on a family holiday? A simple penknife is all I need. Camping, Hiking or hunting? Well a sturdy fixed blade is the way to go…

finally, it can’t hurt if my new knife is a beauty too. A simple wooden handle, maybe some subtle inlay on the rivets… it’ll give a knife character without being ‘to pretty to get dirty’.

Posted by Ernesto M. - 07/25/2012 12:19 PM

The last knife I purchased was a multitool, a Leatherman MUT, now I know some of you out there might be like “why not just buy a whole new set of tools and bring them along?”, but I had to think about this purchase for awhile, I had to make sure it was something I could use, that was made of the best materials out there and wasnt going to become obsolete or just another toy. For years I’ve carried pliers, a buck knife, a myriad of screwdrivers, pocket punches, wrenches and the like either in my pockets or on a toolbelt/box. Now I don’t know about anyone else out there, but my family runs a small farming operation in California—and when you’re carrying that much stuff you’re bound to lose, break or cut something you’re not supposed, either the hay knife you need to cut open bails in the morning that’s just cut a hole and fallen out of your back pocket, the screwdriver you need to tighten a collar on irrigation tubing that felt out of the toolbox, punctured the tire and then proceeded to snap in half… the knife you were going to use to cut and fix a chewed up bit of hose that is so dull you can’t even break skin with it or the file you were going use to clean off the bit of slag from the tip of welding torch thats rusted over and fused onto the stack of metal someone forgot to put away. Now I’ve had this thing for over a year now and I’d say its paid for itself in the time. The blades are still sharp, they havent corroded any and for what I paid chances are I’ll have this thing on my belt and in my hands for awhile.

Posted by Neil Anderson - 07/25/2012 12:25 PM

The last knife I bought was a GERBER Multitool about 15 years ago. Over $100 at that time. It’s perfect for me and my job, used to take it travelling with me all the time, but as I only take carry on now that got nixed.

Posted by Amy L - 07/25/2012 12:27 PM

The last knife I purchased was a multi-tool Leatherman for husband. He picked it out at Smoky Mt. Knife Works while we are on vacation. He uses a multi-tool and/or a knife daily for his work and daily tasks. The multi-tool comes in handy when putting together or repairing children’s toys. Price, durability, and functionality are all important when buying a knife.

Posted by Ellen C - 07/25/2012 12:31 PM

I cannot remember the last time I bought a knife, but I think it was about 10 years ago to replace my dad’s knife after I knocked his in the lake. Since I was young, the most important quality was price point. Now, it would be the size and weight as I want something that’s comfortable to use, yet durable!

Posted by Donald S. - 07/25/2012 12:31 PM

My last purchase was the River Shorty. I needed a knife for kayaking and decided on the River Shorty because it fit my needs without being too expensive or having too many extras.

In your experience, what are the most important qualities to look for when purchasing a knife?

One of the most important qualities in selecting a knife is to get one that accurately fits your needs. Everyone loves to get multi-tools but most people on average never use half of the tools on a multi-tool. While I do own and use a multi-tool, the majority of what I use it for is as a knife with a small amount of plier or screwdriver usage. So what I always encourage people to think about it what do you actually need. Most people truly just need a functional knife and could benefit from buying a plain old folding blade knife rather than a fancy multi-tool. Buying a knife that fits your needs is key.

Other qualities that I find important are a blade lock, clip and edge. A blade lock is just a good safety feature to have on any knife. Safety First! A clip is always necessary because you generally always clip your knife to something like your pocket, belt or whatever. Buying the right edge is key too. Straight and serrated edges accomplish different tasks. If unsure on need, buying a knife with a serrated edge on one side and straight on the other is a good start.

Posted by Dan Miller - 07/25/2012 12:32 PM

Last knife was a Buck Vantage Avid. The most important thing is solid construction of the whole knife. A wiggly blade or scale isn’t much good when doing real-world chores with it.

Posted by Zach Brannaman - 07/25/2012 12:34 PM

The last knife I purchased was a husky multi-tool. I picked it up for the price because it was so cheap. You could see however why it was so cheap. The blades went dull quickly and the tools on it seemed cheap. I usually offroad and multi-tools come in handy when you are on a trail and need a quick fix. When I look for knives I look for it the blades will dull quickly, if there are serrated edges and the quality of the handle, I also look at the price. As a college student I don’t need a $200 knife but I need something better than a $20 knife.

Posted by Jon Cartwright - 07/25/2012 12:35 PM

My last knife purchase was the Ultralight LST Fine Edge. Its a great little knife it helps me get all my work done at my job. Slices through cardboard just as well as any bigger knife I have ever used. The only problem I have had with it is it is easy to lose so know I am looking for a bigger knife so I’m not losing it all the time. But if you are short on cash and need a great knife I would suggest this any day of the week!!!!!

Posted by Ray - 07/25/2012 12:35 PM

Over the years, I have spent 15 to 120 on knives.. In a folding blade, I look for ease and smoothness of function as well as the steel holding an edge for everyday use. Clean lines and minimal pockets in the mechanism also are a big factor in keeping sanitary. With hunting, fishing and packing knives; it has to have a good feel and balance. It must be able to take heavy abuse in the field; so durability, weight and quality of steel for holding an edge are all key. There is nothing worse than being under a time limit of daylight/weather and spending more time sharpening than using…Ugggh!!

Posted by Jake - 07/25/2012 12:37 PM

I’ve never bought a knife but I was given a great leatherman as a gift, and it has served me well fixing hiking gear while out in the woods, so the most important thing to me is while a knive is can it get me out of a jam

Posted by Caleb - 07/25/2012 12:41 PM

The last knife I purchased was the gerber mark II. I love this knife and how it feels in the hand. When I look for a knife I look for something that will not only get the job done at work, but that is durable, strong, good looking, and rated high. Then I will buy it and test it for myself. I have been using the same knife just had it resharpened and bought the same one again and again and the mark II is the first one I have tried that is not from that company and I love the double edged half serrated blade.

Posted by Kevin k - 07/25/2012 12:44 PM

My last knife purchase was the Gerber 06 Manual Combat Folder. I bought it due to many reasons but I will only state the major ones:

1. Blade material – the 06 is made from s30v, a premium stainless steel that holds a working edge very well, is very corrosion resistant, very tough, and much much more.
2. Quality Gerber built product that is backed by an industry leading warranty.
3. Blade Handle material – I look for toughend materials that will last a long time but not only that has a texture or machining that will be less prone to slipping when wet, my choices are 6061 aluminum, or G10.
4. This one I think many will disagree but I generally prefer a partially serrated knife for my everyday carry and use. For me I find when I carry a fine edged knife I will need to do something in involving serrations and vice versa, so for me partial serrations is a must.
5. Blade length – the bigger the better if conditions allow, but sometimes a small blade could be more handy in tight situations, but to almost get the best of both worlds I go for a blade around 3-3.5inches for a folder and at least 4.5 inches for a good working fixed blade.
6. Lastly would be price – the 06 is my most expensive blade at 100+ dollars but most of my blades are under $40. Spending too much on something designed to do dirty work where it will get messed up isn’t very smart, but spending too little can pose a safety hazard and might fail on you when you need it most.

Posted by mark - 07/25/2012 12:46 PM

My last knife was a Mora bushcraft purchased to replace my older “basecamp” fixed blade, I paid about $30 for it and have to say that for the price it is by far one of the nicer blades I’ve used, nothing fancy but it holds an excellent edge and has been surprisingly durable.

Posted by jeremy - 07/25/2012 12:48 PM

The last knife I purchased looked really nice and seemed like a good knife until one day it broke. The tang broke at the handle and almost cur myself in the process and I wasn’t trying to cut a cinder block or anything crazy like on a informercial. I’ve never owned a Gerber knife but hear good things all the time.

Posted by Steve - 07/25/2012 12:56 PM

The last knife I bought was the Gerber mini Covert… the automatic function. Is a great knife for police work and i wish I bought the larger model as well. All the Gerber knives I own are high quality and I have never had any problems with them.

Posted by mark - 07/25/2012 01:00 PM

My last knife purchase was actually two knives. One was a Kershaw folding knife that seemed to be great quality and durability for the money. It also had a good feel/weight to it, secure locking mechanism, and a clip for belt etc. I also got a Bear Grylls multitool survial kit and the tool had a very practical knife on it, that had a good safety lock also.

Posted by Argenys Hernandez - 07/25/2012 01:03 PM

My last knife was a Gerber Profile Fixed-Drop point just to add to my other knife collections and for camping. I paid $25 for it and it was worth it, because its a fixed blade, i dont have to worry about it from not opening fast or braking like a folder. I love folding knives especially gerber knives, they are strong and durable. What I look for in a knife is that its a 440 C steel blade either american, german, or japanese steel. Has to have good grip on the handle so it wont slip out of my hands when i’m fishing in the river. Wont dull often when I use it to cut, or can basically cut rope, branches, or any material with out hesitation. Also look for blade length to be 3.5 to about 6.5 or 7, it can be used for any situation and have it ready.

Posted by Chris mccoy - 07/25/2012 01:05 PM

I bought the bear grylls ultimate survival knife , I bought the knife not only because its a bear grylls knife but because it’s made with quality and craftsmanship and innovation . It has a steal pummel , built in fire starter and knife sharpener and emergency instructions and a whistle and a kick ass sheath . Not only that it is a gerber gear product thats built to last and with stand anything . It also has a life time warrenty ! I love my bear grylls knife !

Posted by Chris mccoy - 07/25/2012 01:06 PM

I bought the bear grylls ultimate survival knife , I bought the knife not only because its a bear grylls knife but because it’s made with quality and craftsmanship and innovation . It has a high carbon stainless steel blade with a full tang and a steal pummel , built in fire starter and knife sharpener and emergency instructions and a whistle and a kick ass sheath . Not only that it is a gerber gear product thats built to last and with stand anything . It also has a life time warrenty ! I love my bear grylls knife !

Posted by Fred peacock - 07/25/2012 01:12 PM

I purchase. A buck knife for it’s reliable use a blade that holds an edge. Most knifesxare made out of such terrible metal they don’t hold up. Buck has always done everrhing I have put it through.

Posted by James Randle - 07/25/2012 01:17 PM

When purchasing a knife there is one very important thing to consider. I don’t have any money! I better find a contest that is giving away free knifes! Mission Accomplished! (FINGERS CROSSED)

Posted by damien evans - 07/25/2012 01:17 PM

Last knife I bought was an unbranded 440c spine-lock knife with teak scales and stainless bolsters….cost around 10-15 british pounds.

It’s still my favourite EDC just because its cheap so I wont cry if I lose it, But mostly because its mechanism is very, very tight and stable…..So I trust it when punishing it outdoors…..But its still a cheap knife, and only to serve till I can afford something nicer.

Whats important to look for in a knife?:
As a hobbyist knife maker I say ….
Steel quality, obviously Carbon steel is nice,even if there are now some nice exotic stainless steels with high qualities…. and durability of the steel can be more important than handle choice and fit, so on….what goods a comfortable or pretty handle if the blade cant do anything!
Also important to me if grind. concave can be nice for lighter duty bu flat grinds are nicer when the going gets tough. Less chips..!

Posted by Ron L. - 07/25/2012 01:18 PM

My last knife purchase was for my daughter, she is in the ROTC program at TCU and needed some gear, a knife was on the list so I told her I would take care of that one for her. As it turns out I ended up buying her a Gerber multiplier, she was very excited to get it, as excited as I was to give it.
The most important quality to look for in any knife is the quality, material and workmanship. You can’t have one without the other and expect a good outcome. Well put together junk is still junk, and good material put together poorly is the same thing. Everything else is subjective from user to user and the intended use. So if you don’t start out with a good quality knife no matter the make or model your setting your self up for failure.

Posted by James - 07/25/2012 01:20 PM

The last knife I bought was the Gerber Mini Covert F.A.S.T., this is an amazing, jaw dropping knife. I bought it from a small-town gun dealership in Missouri. I went into the shop just intending to look around until I laid eyes on the Covert. I had to try it out! After flicking it open several times, I just had to add this knife to my arsenal. I have owned it several weeks now and am still impressed by the unique manufacturing quality this knife has to offer! Amazing!

Before buying a knife, there are several distinct traits the blade must posses before I buy. Those would be: Solid construction, Attractive design, Relativity low price tag, Ease of opening, (when buying a folder), a Good warranty, and Blade retention. I have rather high standards for the knives I purchase, and the Covert has surpassed all of my expectations!

Posted by Walter - 07/25/2012 01:22 PM

My last knife purchase was a Gerber Paraframe.

In your experience, what are the most important qualities to look for when purchasing a knife?

It would have to be the style and portability, I don’t usually carry a knife on my belt so a buck knife won’t do. Having a sleek folding knife that is durable and easy to manage is what is most important to me.

Posted by Andrew Prunty - 07/25/2012 01:22 PM

The last knife I bought was a Gerber Para-Frame 1.
I think that the most important thing to look for on a knife is how strong the lock is or how strong the spring is if it doesn’t have a lock. In my opinion I’d rather have strong lock up than good blade steel. Whats the point in having a good, sharp blade if you have a weak lock up? In conclusion I think that the most important thing to look for in a good knife is a nice, strong lock up such as a paraframe 1. If I could buy another thousand I would.

Posted by billiejo willequer - 07/25/2012 01:23 PM

sadly the last knife i bought was a swiss for my son that broke days later i gotto be more selective when purchasing such things

Posted by Matt B - 07/25/2012 01:24 PM

The last knife I purchased was a Zero Tolerance 0561. The main qualities I look for in a knife are the quality of the blade steel, the strength of the locking mechanism, and the overall build quality. A knife that will close on your hand or otherwise fail under hard use is not only useless but dangerous. Also, if it won’t hold an edge or rusts easily it’s not going to do much good either. Almost equally as important as the blade and lock-up is the fit to your hand. If it’s uncomfortable to hold or use you’re not going to take full advantage of the other features because you’re simply not going to use it! The perfect knife is something that can blend all of these qualities together.

Posted by rich dalton - 07/25/2012 01:27 PM

I always look at gerber before i buy a knife and end up looking no more l
Always love the service that gerber gives if you lose a screw or something .sunday is my birthday and im sure my son will be picking a new gerber for me

Posted by Mike Christensen - 07/25/2012 01:35 PM

The last knife I bought from a store was the Gerber Paraframe II at least 8-10 years ago and I have used it to do everything from opening mail to making kindling to cutting meat. The screws have come a little loose from time to time but they tighten right up. The best thing I can say about this knife is that I have only had to sharpen it a hand full of time even with the abuse I have put it through. Obviously a person must know what the knife will be used for before going to buy a new knife. This will dictate what style/type of knife to get.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a new knife is the blade quality. a person doesn’t want to buy something that is either going to dull quickly or break while trying to use it.

If the knife one is buying is a fixed blade they would want one with a full tang, solid yet comfortable handle, a guard so the hand does not slip up the blade, well balanced to minimize fatigue, and most importantly again quality metal. As for the thickness of a fix blade it would depend on what the knife is going to be used for and purchase accordingly.

If it is a folder a person is looking for again the quality of the metal is very important for reasons already stated. After that one would have to look for quality of build, solid locking mechanism, pocket clip or not, ease of use, and again a solid comfortable grip.

Being diligent in looking for these qualities will ensure a person buys the right knife for the right job.

Posted by Hayden - 07/25/2012 01:36 PM

My last knife purchase was from the Gerber online store. I bought a Gerber bear grylls survival knife. It is everything I wanted until I realized Wal-mart and almost every body else sold it for 30$ dollars cheaper, but I didn’t bring it back because I love to support Gerber. =)

Posted by Brian Bloomfield - 07/25/2012 01:40 PM

I recently bought a Kershaw Clash assisted opening knife. I completely impressed with this knife for $20 I have had it for a month know and its still razor sharp just like it came out of the box. 8CR13MOV seems to be good steel. The lockup is perfect, I would have liked to have G10 but the FRN scales are just fine with me especially at the price. I am really impressed that the quality is on par with my USA Kershaw Storm II. I have not found any defect in this knife at all, it had become my new EDC.

Posted by Robin Martin - 07/25/2012 01:42 PM

The last knife i bought was a mossberg small it had a great strong steel blade with a wooden grip/handle,a nice smooth flip feature with a belt/pocket clip
Things i look for in a knife,
1,strong blade
2,nice smooth durable flip feature
3,can be compatiable with hunting and fishing uses
4,may be with 1 OR more featured blades
5,it can last untill my childs childhood

Posted by Joe D - 07/25/2012 01:44 PM

I have yet to purchase a high quality knife, as my funds seem to dissapear before I get the chance to spend them on useful things. Qualities I would look for, would be Name Recognition (a brand that has a history of building solid knives), Blade Material (stainless steel, etc), Portability (I want a knife I can carry in my pocket), and Overall Build (something that has a lock, so I don’t loose a finger). A Gerber would fit all of my needs nicely!!

Posted by Andreas Theodoulou - 07/25/2012 01:47 PM

last knife was a leatherman about 15 years ago.but its too heavy. good knife must fit the curve of your hand , have a good shape , lightweight , durable material , rust proof.

Posted by trevor willert - 07/25/2012 01:49 PM

I last bought the Gerber bear grylls compact fixed blade and an Evo jr for work. The most important thing to me is edge retention and if the knife blade will loosen up on me in the long run. I don’t want to be stuck in a desert island and have my knife falling apart on me if I just have a pocket knife I need to get those coconuts open! Handle material is important too but I get along with any Gerber knife products because all the handles are made comfortably! And those are two very nice knives that I would love to add to my collection and bring to work! As for fixed blades those are more than a tool they Are a lifesaver. Fend for yourself!!

Posted by Carlitos - 07/25/2012 01:50 PM

They might want to clarify but I believe the comments were to be left on the article page no this page.

Posted by Dwayne Sykes - 07/25/2012 01:51 PM

The last knife I purchased was flea market throwing knife… It was an impulse buy that I regret.

Posted by Chrys White - 07/25/2012 01:51 PM

The last knife i bought was a Columbia Tactical. I was deployed to Iraq and served there till 2011. I liked the knife for the quality of the steel and craftsmanship, not to mention the sheer intimidation factor, and solid grip.

Posted by Grant Grabham - 07/25/2012 01:52 PM

the last knife i bought was a smith&wesson black bowie knife, it is apart of my survival kit, since it is large it can also be used as a small axe to cut down small trees and remove brush, it can also be used as a regular knife if you had the skill.

when i purchase a knife some things i look for are what kind of metal the blade is made of, i look for a good sheath, and what type of blade the knife has

Posted by GARY VICUNA - 07/25/2012 01:57 PM

The Gerber Remix Tactical knife is all you need should the end of world happens. It would be a life saver indeed. It would help in every aspect of survival. I hope I can win, because it would save my life when the apocalypse happens!!!

Posted by Rich Kolb - 07/25/2012 02:07 PM

My last knife purchase was a KISS folder with a money/belt clip on it. I like to pretend that I look for the quality of the steel and if I have a use for the knife before I buy it, but really, I usually buy something name brand that looks pretty.

Posted by brett - 07/25/2012 02:09 PM

my last knife purchase was a gerber multitool that I used for work related tasks such as breaking cardboard boxes down to size and opening co-workers lunches with the can opener. The most important qualities when buying a knife are testing the locking mechanism- You want to make sure that blade is staying in place when its being used. A nice sturdy grip is essential when using the handle.

Posted by Scott C - 07/25/2012 02:11 PM

My last few knives have been mostly aesthetic choices, the most recent being the Kershaw Shallot. I have found that a buyer’s tastes tend to swing wildly between utility and style. Of course, some classic shapes blend both but oftentimes buyers will sacrifice a bit of grip for a smooth metal handle for example. Regardless of one’s mentality when buying, the knife must hold a sharp edge and more importantly, be 100% reliable when you are using it when you need it the most.

Posted by Kevin yndestad - 07/25/2012 02:13 PM

tell us about your last knife purchase and then answer.
-gerber multi tool mini. It was in my pocket every day before i got cancer

In your experience, what are the most important qualities to look for when purchasing a knife? That it stand up to what ever you throw at it

Posted by MICHAEL SHACKELFORD - 07/25/2012 02:15 PM

My last knives have been 2 Bear grylls folders, one for my wife and one for me. Great blades with solid handles!

Posted by Markus - 07/25/2012 02:22 PM

Had a beautiful Gerber pocket knife until I forgot it in my hand luggage. Had to leave it with the security control at Santiago airport.

A good knife needs to be light, reliable and sharp ;-)

Posted by Nick Bergeron - 07/25/2012 02:31 PM

The last knife that I bought was the bear grylls ultimate knife, I love it. I collect survival and outdoor equipment and will not spend my money on something that will not withstand whatever I can throw at it. When purchasing a knife i look for a durable Sharp blade with serration, I have big hands so a nice ergonomically shaped Handel is just as important as the blade, wouldn’t want your hand to slip onto the blade or loose your knife in the heat of combat. I carry my Gerber knife with me everywhere I go, it gives me peice of mind. I also have a work knife that I use when working on the house that I am exteeamly rough with and it still holds up to the punishment, did I mention it’s also a GERBER! My wife and I are about to have our first son and I already have his First Gerber knife.

Posted by jim dishman - 07/25/2012 02:37 PM

my last knife purchase was the Gerber Aluminum Presto……….. why? just because

Posted by Ben - 07/25/2012 02:39 PM

The last knife I bought was a Gerber Answer 3.25 folder. I look for a knife that is not too expensive, yet has a long lasting blade. I use my knife to cut all sorts of things. If I had more money, I would buy much better quality knives.

Posted by Jacob H - 07/25/2012 02:53 PM

My last knife purchase was a gerber. Dont remember the model but i got it at a gun show here in Ga.and i love it. i look for durability and ease of use when i look to buy a knife.

Posted by Amy - 07/25/2012 03:04 PM

The last knife I purchased was a Leatherman with a knife for my son during basic training.
When purchasing knives for me I look for durability, use, and comfort. The knife has to be good quality. I am a scout leader and use my knife all the time, it needs to hold up to constant use. It has to be able to do what I need it to. And be comfortable in my hand.

Posted by Ben - 07/25/2012 03:05 PM

The last knife I bought was a SOG Twitch II. I love the thin profile, the metal frame and the lightning quick assisted open. It’s small but it works for around the office or around the house and doesn’t get in the way when I dig for my keys in my pocket.

When I look at knives (usually folding knives) I look for blade quality, ease of use (I prefer assisted open blades) and the overall thickness of the unit with it is closed (I prefer a thin profile).

Posted by Doug Griffis - 07/25/2012 03:15 PM

My last knife purchase was the CRKT m21-14sfg. I purchased this knife because I love the deployment system and the auto lawks system which engages as you deploy the knife. The auto lawks and lawks system is awesome because it locks the liner in place and makes the knife very safe. The lock and blade material are two of my main points I look into. However concealability is also a key point so knives where the pocket clip comes out of the very back of the knife makes the knife sit lower in your pocket making it less noticeable and appears like you are just carrying a pen. Sometimes having your weapons concealed makes them safer to have rather then flaunting what you are carrying.

Posted by Dan Radford - 07/25/2012 03:21 PM

The last knife I bought was the Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate knife. I have many qualities I usually look for in a knife, such as the “made in” as I usually like British, American, Japan or German steel. The ultimate knife is China but does seem good quality to be honest. I like my knife to also have some weight to it & if possible a serated edge. I love survival / wild camping so a knife is one of my most important tools.

Posted by Edwin L - 07/25/2012 03:22 PM

My last knife purchase was a Swedish Fallkniven F1. I bought it in Amsterdam for 125 Euros. It’s no nonsense fixed blade knife. I was very impressed with the quality of knife when I got it. The blade was extremely sharp, thick (5mm) and made of very hard steel (59HRC). The knife was very well balanced, and looks and feels virtually indestructible. The most solid knife I have bought sofar, but then again I have not looked at the high end Gerber knives yet ;)

Posted by Doug Riggle - 07/25/2012 03:23 PM

The last knife I purchased for EDC was a Ken Onion “Ripple”. From the moment I saw saw it I was impressed after I held it I knew I had to have it. This link goes to a photo, this is nearly identical to the one I purchased, the one I bought has a partially serrated blade:

The handles are “grooved” and holds well when cutting, the blade maintains it’s edge. I have sharpened it, maybe, four times in the three years I’ve carried it. The “flipper” tab opens it so fast that I’ve had people ask where I got the switch blade.

The price, when I bought it was approximately $60.00 bucks, now the CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) website has them for around $120.00. Although I can’t see spending that much for a knife, if I ever lose the one I have, I will pay their asking price to replace it.

One quarter of the blade is serrated, great for sharpening the end of sticks when roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.

My opinion about what’s important when buying a knife: 1. How it feels in your hand 2. Ease of opening 3. Safety, how well the blade stays locked while open 4. Blade quality, will it need to be re-sharpened after opening a bag of doritos 5. Price, you get what you pay for. If you spend $10.00 then you can count on re-sharpening after cutting open a blister pack to get you sinus medicine out

Short and simple, if you want a low profile knife that holds it’s edge, fits well in your hand and doesn’t need to be sharpened every other day, then get yourself one of the “Ripples”.

Posted by Ron Riley - 07/25/2012 03:41 PM

My last purchase was the Gerber “Bear Grylls” folding sheath knife. In my experience a knife needs to have a strong blade that isn’t going to shatter if struck, retains it’s sharpens for an “average” amount of time, must have a non-slip “grippy” handle that fits well in the user’s hands and preferably has a 1/2 serrated blade and is folding. I use my knives for camping and hunting. The 1/2 serrated blade comes in handy when I’m cutting rope or trying to quickly cut through a deers rib cage. Folding it up keeps me from accidentally cutting myself with it when not in use and I can quickly stow it in my pocket so I don’t leave it in the middle of the woods.

Posted by Dorthy Gordon - 07/25/2012 03:46 PM

The last knife I purchased was a Paraframe I absolutely love it, it fits perfectly in my hand, holds a razors edge and is very durable. There are several factors that I consider when buying a knife for myself. The first has to be fit, the finger grooves have to be right to prevent slippage. The size and weight has to be appropriate for it’s usage. I only buy knives with good steel, so that means that I tend to spend a lot on them. It’s been my experience that you get what you pay for. There’s just no point, pun intended, in buying inferior steel. I mostly buy folders so I also look for how easy it is to keep it clean and lubricated.There can’t be any lateral movement in the blade and the thumb pin needs to be secure. If I buy a fixed blade knife, the guard has to be the right size, too big and it’s awkward, too small and it could slip in my hand. It has to have good balance and be the handle be the right length and diameter again for comfort purposes. I’ve found that for me anything but a leather sheath just gets torn to shreds, but you need to look at the stitching and the quality of the leather. I also tend to buy knives with warranty’s, not because I have ever used one. However to me it shows integrity from the company and that they have confidence in their product and that’s very important to me.

Posted by Jakob D - 07/25/2012 03:55 PM

The last knife that I bought was a CKRT M-16zsf designed by Kit Carson.

When I purchase I look mainly for Durable folders. I prefer knives that open with minimal resistance such as the Gerber fast or the CRKT with the outburst technology. Also, with blades that are touch, and won’t break or crumble when I need them the most.

Posted by David Yap - 07/25/2012 03:55 PM

Last knife purchased: Gerber Machete in Malaysia. Used in bush clearing area for campsite during King Scout camp. Been forced to used as wood choping, bow making and cooking.

Good Blade:
Sharp stays even millions on hits, able to keep the blade secure from any unwanted injury, easy to sling on like belt and withstand rust. Handle that takes pressure and have a safe grip. Won’t blister hand. Comfortable grip per se.

What it takes:
Able to maximize it usage, not only in their range of use. Tip to handle, everything should take their role. Able to slide or pull out quick I case of emergency.

Posted by Jeremy Neel - 07/25/2012 04:32 PM

The last knife I bought was a Spyderco Salt 1. It was a gift for my dad who works in the pool industry, and I wanted to get him something that wouldn’t rust under the harsh, highly oxidizing environment working with chlorine creates. I don’t know if my dad appreciates a quality knife as much as I do, but I still wanted to get him something nice.
In my experience, the most important qualities to look for in a knife depend on what type of knife you’re going to buy. If you want a large fixed blade, you’re going to want a quality steel that has a balance of high hardness and toughness. Toughness doesn’t matter much in a folding knife blade, so they’re typically a few points higher on the rockwell scale than fixed blades. And if you’re like me, and don’t like constantly oiling your knife, you want it to be stainless as well. Elitists out there swear by carbon steels, and with cheaper knives, I can see why: heat treatment is harder to mess up on a carbon steel than a stainless. If you spend over $40 on a stainless knife made by a well respected manufacturer like spyderco, kershaw, buck, etc. you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the heat treatment though. When I’m shopping for a knife for myself, I usually look for a knife that has a solid lock, feels good in hand, is not awkward to carry on my person, sharpens easily, holds an edge for a while, works well for the tasks I might have to do, and is made by a well trusted manufacturer of quality materials without defects or functionality issues.

Posted by christopher lambson - 07/25/2012 04:38 PM

I posted earlier and forgot to mention. The last knife i bought was in fact a Gerber. It was the gerber 06 F.A.S.T.

Posted by VINCENT RAUCCI - 07/25/2012 04:45 PM

last knife purchased was a gerber pocket knife…the qualities are the steel the blade is made out of and the balance of the knife in general.nothing beats a well balanced knife.

Posted by thomas kelly - 07/25/2012 04:48 PM

Last knife bought was a Gerber Ripstop. Great little knife. Size, weight, Style, And funtion of blade is what i look for when buying a Knife. Gerber Ripstop has it all.

Posted by T. Duarte - 07/25/2012 04:55 PM

The last “knife” I bought was actually a multi tool Sidekick from Leatherman. I’m more of a handyman than a survivor (for now) so I bought it to take care of any unexpected needs. But this is not the kind of knife I usually look for. I always search for a strong blade and light weight knife, that stays sharp and ready for when ever you need it. Something for any kind of emergency, where you need something reliable the most.

I currently need a new one, something made for emergencies (I’m thinking of buying a Gerber Instant maybe) because I had a motorcycle accident not long ago, a friend drove me to work and when a got off his bike, my pants got stuck in the kick stand, and i didn’t notice, and fell down, being pulled by the bike when he was leaving. I couldn’t reach for my swiss army knife in my bag to cut it but i was lucky, he heard me yell and stopped right away so I was left with only some scratches and a nice hole in my pants right leg. So next time, I’ll be sure to have something faster in my pocket just in case!

Posted by robert skierkiewicz - 07/25/2012 04:58 PM

its very simple, Gerber is all i buy.

Posted by Matthew - 07/25/2012 05:39 PM

Last knife I bought was the seal pup. I am sorry to say but it is replacing my gerber profile. I love the profile, and yet the only 2 things about it I love are the flat drop-point blade, and the simplicity of the handle. The sheath is little bit weak and the knife is bit thin to my liking. The seal pup is definently thicker and more of a bushwacker. It’s a tiny bit longer and in my opinion a little bit sharper. It has an amazing sheath. SOG know sheaths. the handle isn’t as comfortable. But no knofe is perfect lol. I love them both and hope more trips can be made this summer to test them out around the fire. Thanks, Matt

Posted by Oliver Harris - 07/25/2012 06:02 PM

The most recent blade I brought was a seven inch fixed blade for £2.50. I brought it off a friend of mine, and laced the handle. It was pretty sexy.

Personally, I think the quality of the knife isn’t the knife itself. It’s the reviews. If you see a £100 knife, with bad reviews you’re unlikely to buy it. But if you see a £50 with brilliant reviews you’re more likely to buy that one instead.

Posted by Randy Tilson - 07/25/2012 06:39 PM


Posted by Scott Williamson - 07/25/2012 06:40 PM

The last knife was a buck knife, this knife must be first sharp and keep an edge especially when you need it after many uses that day. I have knifes that are a cheaper knife that doesn’t hold and edge, the old saying you get what you pay for is generally the rule when buying a knife.

Posted by Peter Vaughn - 07/25/2012 06:49 PM

My last knife was a winchester bowie, this knife is an american classic. i think i just use it in different ways, i use it to catch catfish, i get on a boat and use a flood light to lure them out and then spear the fish with it.

Posted by Robert Creel - 07/25/2012 07:03 PM

My last knife purchase was a Gerber Remix. I like easy to carry folders with really good locks.

Posted by nick williams - 07/25/2012 09:16 PM

My last purchase was a cold steel gurka kukri. Rusts easily and chipped a large chunk out of blade on a log. Purchase befor was a Lmf 2 got it for a good price and its not let me down. Scepticle about the 3 quarter tang. But I’ve thrown it used it to fell small trees and skin kangaroos. Great knife my next will be the Gerber lhr.

Posted by nigel mullinder - 07/26/2012 12:27 AM

Well suprisingly enough I got my knife really cheap. You see I was always interested in knives it started when my Grandfather collected them so from his knowledge I learnt that an expensive knife is not always the best for what you are looking for. Interms of quality it was immaculate it was a general folding knife with about 13cm blade and aluminium handel the look of it made you want to pick it up and hold.As term of refrence when looking for a knife do a sound test on it where by you will hold the knife by the very back of the handel not to tight I might add,then give it a short tap with a key , or flick it with your nail once you have tapped it there might be a dull clunck which in blade quality not good if it rings and does so for a bit you can be certain the blade will last a long time as for my cheap knife I have had it for 8 years and it has not got dull yet. So when looking for a knife at a reasonable price do a sound test like the golden oldies did and you never know you might find the best knife for dirt cheap so give it a try.

Posted by PAUL KENT - 07/26/2012 01:37 AM


Posted by Souvik Burman - 07/26/2012 03:25 AM

Never bought a knife,but looking forward to buy a good knife for my expedition to the Himalayas this October.
A good knife should have-

1)A good sturdy blade preferably made of carbon steel.

2)Should have a sturdy grip making it easy to use the knife.

3)The blade should be a combination of smooth and serrated edge,the smooth edge helps in making clean and fine cuts while the serrated edge helps in cutting tough materials by applying high pressure through it’s tooted edge.

4)The blade should lock for safety and ease of use.

Posted by kevin - 07/26/2012 05:36 AM

I have bought,won,been given various knlfe’s so far,they seem not to come up to these knife’s.

Posted by anirudh agrawal - 07/26/2012 05:52 AM

last & first nife that I got from my uncle as a gift , which is his childhood nife.

the most important qualities I look for while purchasing a knife are:- 1) Sharpness 2) Metal or material of which it is made up of.. 3)Any special feature such as stainless steel, etc..
Posted by reid vhorst - 07/26/2012 12:20 PM

It’s all about how you are using the knife. Different knives for different tasks. My Gerber fixed blade was superb for cutting up fresh fruit in hotel rooms on weekend getaways, and hiking, camping. Now my everyday knife is a S and W folder ‘Homeland Security Edition’ 3”. I find a reason to have it clipped to my jeans almost daily. Blade strength is most important, followed by holding an edge and ease of operation. It must function when you need it most, otherwise stay home. Rule #9.

Posted by Danny King - 07/26/2012 05:03 PM

My last knife purchase was a SPYDERCO Stainless folder, with a full serrated blade. While I like the one-handed opening, the folder that I use for hunting, fishing and just general is a GERBER GATOR that was given to me as a Christmas gift about ten years ago, I am enamored with the rubberized handle, when field dressing animals It’s nice to know that the chance of cutting yourself open is limited. I don’t know why GERBER stopped producing this model folder, It was a definite Winner!

Posted by Mashelle - 07/28/2012 12:34 PM

My last knife ive gotten was from my dad witch is a pocket knife :D
the most important qualities I look for while purchasing a knife are:- 1) Sharpness 2) Metal or material of which it is made up of.. 3)Any special feature such as stainless steel, etc..

Posted by cal pj - 07/29/2012 10:55 AM

i always did like gerber knives,i have bought a couple blades, online. will purchace more…..dependable knives…period

Posted by Brian P. - 07/29/2012 11:33 AM

The things I find to be the most important when buying a knife are the quality of the materials used, durability, and functionality. That is why I choose either Gerber or Kershaw brand knives, both American made. I recently purchased the Gerber Gator Machete. Its high quality High Carbon Steel blade makes for a tool that can survive repeated stress. That combined with its ergonomically formed rubber hand grip makes for continuous use easy on the body. The durability of Gerber products is legendary in the knife making community. The craftsmanship that goes into making the entire knife means years of maintenance free use. The functionality is one of the things I thought of when purchasing my Gator Machete. So far I have used it for cutting off fish heads, cutting down saplings, sawing through 2-3 inch limbs, cutting blackberry bushes and for fun like cutting water bottles in half and breaking open coconuts. It is important that a tool has more than one function and that is why I chose the Gator. Not only does it function as a blade but a saw as well.

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