La Sportiva Baruntse Boots

NOTE: This article is not a gear review. It is a part of a “Winter Gear Roundup” buyer’s guide on Outside magazine. . . Made for high altitudes and big peaks, the La Sportiva Baruntse Boots work for glacier travel and moderate ice climbing, or for slogging to big heights on expeditions from Denali to the Himalaya. The low-profile, all-synthetic outer boot will not absorb moisture. Like similar mountaineering boots, the inner bootie, which has a molded EVA foam shell, slips out of the outer boot and is made to be worn alone after a climb in camp or in a tent. $600,

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Posted by Anonymous - 10/19/2009 10:37 PM

Suggestion, instead of regurgitating markeing material, maybe use the boot and report on how it functioned in various environments?

When you say “It works for glacier travel and moderate ice climbing, too, or for slogging to big heights on expeditions from Denali to the Himalaya” how do you justify that? You don’t, because you almost certaintly don’t know what you’re talking about.

Putting your name at the bottom of an “article” like this is also humorous/pathetic. “I can take marketing materials and make them sound personalized and hip, and I really want you to know it was me Stephen Regenold who was able to all but copy/paste La Sportiva product info into this ‘personalized’ scoop of an article.”

Dude, you sold out big here. Go back to working on your novel and living out of garbage cans.

Posted by Stephen Regenold - 10/20/2009 10:00 AM

This blurb certainly falls in the “gear porn” category as opposed to a review. As noted above, this post was a part of a series from a “Winter Gear Roundup” article for Outside magazine last month. It was a roundup of what’s coming to market, not a gear test. Here are a few recent reviews that go into my personal interaction with a product.

Posted by Anonymous - 10/28/2009 02:55 PM

Mr. Regenold, you want to be a gear reviewer? Post when you have some original content. Until then you’re just a guy who generates pollution in order to maximize your ad revenue.

Posted by jj - 12/02/2010 12:07 PM

I dont think Mr. Stephen Regenold should be reviewing anything.

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