Love him or not, Lance Armstrong is undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting cyclists. And while his cycling career may seem destined for the history books, Armstrong is still looking to dominate — only this time it’s a disease — cancer — which at one point in his life famously attempted to kill him.

Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation raises and donates money to cancer research and programs that serve those fighting the disease. One way LIVESTRONG is raising money this year is through the sale of its $1,699.99 LS28IC Special-Edition Indoor Cycle.


LIVESTRONG Indoor Fitness Cycle

This special-edition of the LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle is “dedicted to the 28 million people living with cancer,” as the literature puts it. Only 500 will be produced, and each bike is individually numbered and includes a “Certificate of Authenticity.” The first 150 bikes sold come with an autographed photo of Lance.


Cockpit of the LIVESTRONG cycle

The LS28IC is the nicest of several indoor training cycles that LIVESTRONG sells. Features include a powder-coated steel frame, multi-position drop and aero-style bars, a 40lb flywheel, and double-sided, (toe clip and SPD clipless) pedals.

For each LS28IC cycle sold, LIVESTRONG will donate $1,000. Not a bad percentage of the overall sale. If, like Lance, your love of cycling is equal to your dislike of cancer, then this might be the indoor training cycle you’ve been waiting for. Since its inception, LIVESTRONG has given $325 million dollars to fight cancer. To learn more about LIVESTRONG, visit

—T.C. Worley

Posted by jpea - 01/05/2011 09:50 AM

that’s a nice donation ratio

Posted by Dave - 01/26/2014 06:02 PM

That’s a pretty radical looking exercise bike! I like the powder coated frame and the “cockpit” the best. I’d love to ride one of these just to experience it once! If you incorporated the best stethoscope on this thing, it would have everything! I also think that it’s awesome how much they are donating out of the bike’s sale price. Kudos.

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