Light-Equipped Longboard (white headlight, red light on rear)

We covered Light Bohrd and its “glowing logo” snowboard last week in our SIA trade show preview post. This week at the show, I met up with the brand to see its products again in person.

A longboard caught my eye. As you can see, with the Urban Commuter model Light Bohrd has given skateboards visibility after dark.

The 36-inch maple board has a concave deck with “ruggedized, luminescent display” LED lights embedded in the tip and tail. Basically, it has a white headlight and red taillight that glow bright when the board is rolling along.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery embedded under the wood in the base of the board. You use an included magnet to swipe across the bottom of the board to turn the lights off and on. It takes about 2 hours to recharge after the power runs low.

Bonus: The LEDs turn on only when the board is moving. Tech inside senses vibration when the wheels roll, triggering the system to turn on. It shuts off when you stop, saving power.

Handmade in Texas, the Urban Commuter is available now for $179.

—Sean McCoy