Upcycled: Looptworks Clothing

“The conservation of matter is the principle that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed and rearranged.”

A heady quote from a clothing company. But for Looptworks, a new company set to launch Sept. 9, it parlays into the theme for a new type of business practice: Looptworks makes and sells a line of repurposed clothes created from excess materials and components tossed aside at factories around the world.

Looptworks will create nothing new in the manufacturing of its products or in the running of its business, a company founder said.

Looptworks Bayan skirt.jpg

Looptworks women’s Bayan skirt

The Portland, Ore., company has 20 garments in its first collection. Designed for “urban lifestyles and outdoor pursuits,” the clothes consist of jackets, hoodies, skirts, shirts and graphic T-shirts.

“We’re trying to call attention to excess and change the way people think about buying,” said Scott Hamlin, Looptworks co-founder. “Everything will be designed and created from what already exists.”

Looptworks Kawasan jacket.jpg

Looptworks men’s Kawasan jacket

Hamlin and the other two founders, Gary Peck and Jim Stutts, have numerous years of experience at major clothes manufacturers like Nike, Royal Robbins and Adidas. From a sneak peek at the line, despite a push for the outdoors audience, the clothes don’t look very trail worthy. But style-wise, they sure look good.

Looptworks’ line is available at its Web site for between $28 (basic T-shirt) to $125 (“urban-inspired” jacket). The company plans to soon sell products in retail stores as well. www.looptworks.com

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Scott - 09/10/2009 05:33 PM

Hey Ryan, thanks for the great post! If it is trail worthy that you are looking for . . . check out the Men’s Kampung short. Made from 100% upcycled nylon. It is light weight, quick dry and durable. It features a full running gusset in the crotch for freedom of movement, mesh lined pockects for quick dry time, a back zip secure pocket as well as reinforced belt loops and double needle stiching to help make it truly a trail worthy short. Also, look for great waterproof breathable softshells and 2.5 and 3 layer rain jackets in the near future.

While the excess dictates what we make, we will make it truly work whenever we can!

It takes 400 gallons of water to make one organic cotton t-shirt. So if everyone were to buy one item made from upcycled materials, imagine how much water we could save! Thanks again for supporting Looptworks! – Scott – Co-Founder of Looptworks

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