Acro-Yoga Lovebirds Star in Prana Video

Outdoor clothing company Prana this summer has a series of videos, “Inside Game,” which looks at top athletes like Dean Potter, Chris Sharma, and Steph Davis. Climbing, slack-lining, BASE jumping and other high-adrenaline subject matters dominate the series, and each episode has a theme, be it on “Focus,” “Fear,” and even “Death” in the outdoors context.

This week, longtime friends of GearJunkie (and founding members of Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers) Jason and Chelsey Magness star in a new video from Prana called “A Leap Of Faith.” Happy to say the video’s theme is not fear or death but instead focused on love, trust, and support in the context of life (Jason and Chelsey are husband and wife) as well as in outdoor activities ranging from adventure racing to acro-yoga. Check it out here. We hope the episode inspires you as much as we here were inspired by this pair’s energy, focus, athleticism, and their obvious love for each other onscreen. —Stephen Regenold