Makboard Snowboard

As if shredding the mountain on a resin snowboard wouldn’t turn enough heads, try doing it on a clear resin board. Makboard, a new player in the snowsports market, touts this odd creation as an affordable, “high-performing” snowboard option that also helps keep waste out of landfills.

Makboard in action

The $300 snowboard — which has no metal edges, weighs 9 pounds, and comes in one size only, 157cm — is made of makrolon, a super tough polymer resin that’s reportedly used in fighter jet cockpit canopies, bulletproof windows, goggle lenses and helmets. The material happens to be 100 percent recyclable, to boot.

The back of the board has two holes that, besides throwing snow in a rooster tail, are said to reduce drag, increase speed and provide stability. With a mildly shaped tri-hull design, the Makboard is built primarily for powder and soft corduroy.

The Makboard, which is made in the USA, is currently available for $300.

—Ryan Dionne