Maximum Cush 'Fat Shoes' Are Trend for Multiple Brands in 2014

Vasque Shapeshifter Ultra, $170 — The maximum-category shoe from Vasque might be the most unique-looking in the lineup. Called the ShapeShifter Ultra, it aims to conform to your foot as well as the terrain below.

UPDATE! See our review on the Vasque Shapeshifter Ultra.

The shoes’ foamy sole is made up of individual pillars that bend around rocks and roots you step on along the trail.


A hefty stack height of 28mm in the heel and 22mm in the forefoot is designed to help absorb the biggest of bumps. The ShapeShifters also stand out from other maximum shoes with their pull-on design and no-tie Boa lacing system. Twist the Boa knobs to attach these fatties firmly onto your feet.