Meet the Aquaskipper

A man named Karl Wischnofske contacted me the other day about an oddball water-walking device called the Aquaskipper, made by the Camas, Washington, company Inventist Inc.

This water trike works via a hopping motion that propels the pilot forward. A submerged hydrofoil gives lift and float, and the rig is purported to be able to obtain speeds of up to 17 miles.

Now, the Aquaskipper, which costs $495.99, is not a new product, having won an ispo BrandNew award four years back. But Mr. Wischnofske pushed and prodded as p.r. people are so good at doing, and he’s convinced me to try this thing out next month, and thus I have a column in the works and will be testing the Aquaskipper on my own once the ice melts off the area lakes here in Minnesota.

Here’s a page with some videos of what I hope to accomplish.

Stayed tuned for my test report sometime in late April of May.