Mission Workshop Vandal

The best gear often comes from folks who use it themselves and know a thing or two about the manufacturing process. With aces on both counts, San Francisco’s new Mission Workshop has introduced a high-end ($225) waterproof messenger bag called the Vandal.

The company, which was launched by the founders of the bag maker Chrome, is run by guys with more than 15 years experience designing and manufacturing messenger bags and clothing. The company’s name is lifted from the neighborhood it calls home, San Francisco’s Mission District.


Mission Workshop Vandal

The Vandal is a waterproof backpack with about 1,200 cubic inches of capacity inside. An additional 1,000 cubic inches of external capacity is accessed with a fold-open pocket design. It’s big enough for working messengers or folks who want the ability to haul loads of gear.

According to co-founder Bart Kyzar, “Most people prefer as small of a pack as possible but regularly need extra carrying capacity. Even with a full load, the Vandal can expand to accommodate an additional bag of groceries or a case of your favorite brew.” Or, as below, even a bike folded up and in tow.


Vandal in haul mode

The pack has a main roll-top pocket that is large and has welded seams to make it waterproof. The middle compartment is made for a laptop, and a third compartment is designed for small items.

The backpack harness integrates a frame sheet and fiberglass rods for support and comfort. The Vandal costs $225 and includes a lifetime warranty. It is available online and at select shops. www.missionworkshop.com

—Stephen Krcmar still has his basic, De Martini bag from his messenger days in New York City. His story on laptop-specific messenger bags will appear in an upcoming edition of The New York Times.

Posted by kellytirman - 11/30/2009 01:47 PM

That bag is SWEET. The mission hipster in me wants one now, whereas the marina girl in me is wondering if they will come in pink :)

My sister permanently borrowed my read chrome bad and my Kozmo.com Chrome bag is too big for daily use.

Posted by jpea - 11/30/2009 03:22 PM

isn’t it just so hipster to carry a dismembered bike in your bike bag while riding a bike?

Posted by Jake - 11/30/2009 09:10 PM

I dig it. What’s hipster about carrying a bike? Got to take your other bikes to the shop sometimes…

Posted by anonym commenter - 11/30/2009 11:06 PM

‘Round here the hipsters go fixie. From the looks, both those bikes are equipped with derailleurs. His jeans aren’t tight enough, either. A fake hipster?

Posted by zara binks - 02/24/2010 09:42 AM

Jealous Much? Get over the hipsters already, they got over you a long time ago.

Nice bag for sure.

Posted by Carl Ward - 05/22/2012 05:44 AM

aha! i’ve just discovered the perfect means of transporting bikes further that riding distance. tied to my back on my motorbike. yes!

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